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May 31, 2012 09:49 PM

Seafood Feasts for One?

We are visiting Seattle this weekend, and the BF was really looking forward to a seafood feast -- like the ones served at the Crab Pot with lots of variety. Unfortunately, we discovered a minimum of 2 orders are required.... and I don't eat fish/seafood. And he probably won't eat two orders worth.

So. Is there anywhere (preferably walking distance from downtown) that we can find a seafood feast for designed for one person?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Muzio, I suggest your boyfriend order the Szechuan crab at Seven Stars Restaurant in the International District. (This is one of Seattle's best seafood dishes and will wow him.) You can order from their non-seafood menu of Asian dishes but especially recommended are menu items with the hand-cut noodles. Have him bring plenty of Kleenex as the crab is spicy good.

    1. The Crab Pot is a gimmicky, strictly-for-tourists joint that isn't well regarded, so I don't think you're missing anything. It's true you aren't going to find another place like it, but why not go for quality rather than quantity? You can get good seafood at lots of places where there are also options for you. Go to the Walrus and the Carpenter, Etta's, Seabar, Steelhead Diner, Anchovies and Olives...your bf can get an app and entree of seafood that will be genuinely good, and you can get something else. He can supplement with a lunch at Pike Place Chowder, Pike Street Fish Fry or Market Grill in order to keep getting his seafood fix.