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May 31, 2012 09:13 PM

west side gluten free

I have a celiac friend coming to town and need to entertain, without much of a clue as of yet.

Know if Mozza or any of the options in little ethiopa offer GF? Sort of doubt it, but those are favs.

Where should I bring them on the west side?


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  1. as a category:
    mexican seafood served with corn tortillas.
    i'd recommend a restaurant that doesn't even serve flour tortillas.

    the problem with ethiopian food is that many of the restaurants adulterate their injera with wheat flour instead of sticking to teff completely.

    the problem with Italian restaurants is that flour is used so profligately, that it is hard to imagine a kitchen in a busy italian restaurant that doesn't pose a danger of cross contamination with wheat flour.
    i've actually had gluten-free pizza(made with a corn-based crust). it was edible, but didn't taste much like pizza. flavorwise was some other animal. . .

    1. also:
      chinese seafood with rice (stay away from dishes that have seen the deep fat fryer)
      meat and BAKED potatos
      many thai dishes will work (prik king with rice, for instance)

      1. Where ever you decide I would call or email explaining in advance and see if you can work something out with the GM or Chef. Most Chefs love a challenge and hate surprises You might be surprised how people are willing to work with you.

        Try Axe in Venice, Wolf in Sheeps Clothing also in Venice.

          1. re: Servorg

            That is wonderful; thanks a ton!

          2. Salads are always a good option, just be sure the dressings are gluten free. Stay away from Soy sauce,