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May 31, 2012 08:05 PM

Fernandina Beach/AI Update?

Wife and I are returning for a 3rd weeklong stay since first enchantment in 2008. We liked eating at 29 South and have noticed an apparent decline in enthusiasm in recent threads. No one has been very specific about what's gone wrong, so I'm curious about that. Anyone care to fill in some details?

We loved Merge in 2010 and are glad to see that it has garnered some support. Never went to LuLu's so we are looking forward to that along with Merge and return to Espana and maybe Le Clos and Beech St Grill..
Is Horizon worth a try?

Love of TRay's may reveal our Pacific NW innocence or ignorance of simple preparation of some basic Southern Style items but we love it. Arte pizza will be a stop for sure.
Ritz/Plantation venues are not appealing for a variety of reasons, $$$$ being one, but value for that $$$$ is more the issue and a preference for giving the business to the local small venues.

Any comments on the choices and especially on the 29 South issue would be appreciated.
We very much appreciate the generosity of spirit and warmth of everyone we run into on our visits.


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  1. You are on the right track with all your picks. I continue to believe that Lulu's is the best restaurant on the island. Arte is excellent. We dined very well at Merge this past week. New burger place called Tasty's at the corner of 8th and Atlantic is very good, very casual. For southern food I like the Marina, try the flounder.

    There are many problems with 29 but it call comes down to inconsistency in food quality and service. And the patio is gross. They seem to be incapable of cleaning it. Rumor has it that Chef Scotty has moved to JAX to open a new restaurant.

    I hear good things about Horizon. Check out Jacksonville/Fernandina Beach on Urbanspoon for lots of good info. Enjoy your visit! And avoid Jack and Diane's and the Beach Club at all costs!