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May 31, 2012 07:31 PM

Edmonton Diners

I am heading to edmonton for the weekend and will be staying at the Hilton express on Calgary Trail. I am looking for some good diner type places. I heard Urban Diner, Blue Plate, Rick and alices and Tasty Toms may be good. Your thoughts on these places or any other places me and my 15 year old boy may enjoy. do you have any good food trucks in your city. Or how about a good perogie place?

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  1. I have enjoyed breakfast at Urban Diner but have never been interested in them for lunch/dinner.

    Blue Plate Diner is very good but don't expect your "classic" diner menu - despite the name they don't serve the greasy spoon diner specials but instead have a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes, along with some meat based dishes.

    Rick and Alice's would definitely fit the mould of a typical diner. For diner-type food you might also consider Da-De-O's on Whyte Ave. They have a cajun menu featuring their famous po' boy sandwiches.

    We have a number of food trucks but a lot have fixed locations only from Mon-Fri and on the weekends they can be all over the place at different special events so it can be hard to track them down unless you follow them on twitter.

    Hope you have a good visit!

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      FYI, Da-De-O doesn't allow minors.
      Some food trucks usually show up at the downtown farmers' City Market.
      Perogies - Shumka (inside Kingsway Mall food court or north side location) or Taste of Ukraine in St Albert.

    2. Hi there,
      This may be a bit too late but if you are still here then a few more suggestions below:

      +1 for Rick & Alice's (probably the best family-restaurant-style breakfast in town - Eggs Benedict is only served weekends, but is consistently done perfectly)

      Bubba's BBQ is on Calgary Trail just south of the Superstore. It's a permanent food truck but has the best smoked meat ever. Open only at lunch at 12 noon with a different item daily (Weekly Menu - Mon-Chicken & Ribs, Tue-Tennessee Pulled Pork, Wed-Carolina Pulled Pork, Thr-Beef Brisket, Fri-Bubba's Pork RIbs). Get there early because he closes once he's sold out.

      Upper Crust Cafe has a great sandwich-salad combo. Their dinner entrees are only OK.

      High Voltage on Argyle and Calgary Trail has excellent donair - he brushes a herbed olive oil on the pita and grills it so that it's crispy. Huge servings.

      The best perogies you would probably find at the Saturday morning farmer's market (but obviously you'd have to make it yourself). Otherwise not sure where you would get perogies that are better than those.


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        thanks guys. Ended up going to Urban Diner twice. My son loved it so much he wanted to go back. First night he had the mac n cheese and I had the meatloaf sandwich with soup. I would recommend both. The next day we went for breakfast. He hd 18 of those little pancakesand i had the bannana stuffed french toast. Both were very good. Next time I come up I will have to try a few more new places. I would like to try Bubbas as I do real BBQ myself.