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May 31, 2012 07:29 PM

Dish recommendations at Sakagura please

5 of us will be having dinner at Sakagura. Based on what I read, I've narrowed down a few dishes and that seem to be good. I would appreciate some advice on these and if I should add/remove something. We are open to eating anything.

1. Mentaiko (Spicy cod roe)
2. Chawanmushi (1 per person)
3. Tori Tsukune (Chicken meatballs)
4. Hirame Ponzu (Fluke with ponzu vinaigrette)
5. Sanshoku Nasu (Eggplant with 3 kinds of miso)
6. Onsen Tamago (Soft boiled agg with sea urchin and salmon roe)
7. Kamo Roast (Duck wrapped around scallions with basil sauce)
8. Daily specials
9. Black sesame creme brulee
10. Coffee jello dessert

BTW, how similar are the dishes to Kyo Ya. We were there recently and some of the dishes sound like they are similar to Kyo Ya, although they probably will not be of the same quality as Kyo Ya.


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    1. They are all pretty much Japanese standards, so many restaurants will serve them. I would do most ordering off of the seasonal specials menu rather than pick dishes in advance from the standards menu.