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May 31, 2012 06:43 PM

Savin Rock Roasting Co, Stratford is now open as the Riverview Bistro

Had dinner there tonite (they opened 3 days ago) & would definitely return. The tired decor of Harborside & Savin Rock has been updated to a lighter, more contemporary look, but took advantage of the beautiful weather to enjoy dinner on the patio. It was practically empty, as I guess the word isn't out yet that they've opened. Dinner & service was excellent. The wait staff seemed genuinely interested in making sure we had what we needed quickly, and our waitress brought me a complimentary salad so I would have something to eat while my husband ate the one he ordered.Had bruschetta 3-ways (traditional, olive spread, & artichoke spread), seafood risotto, and seafood salad (which has been on the menu of the 2 prior restaurants & I love so much it's actually all I've ever ordered). This time, however, the shrimp were bigger & fresher, as was the other seafood in the dish. I wish them much success!

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  1. Sounds promising. Did you get the impression that families with kids would not be as comfortable eating there? Went to the old place with my wife and kids once and never went back. Harborside, that is. We had sandwiches for takeout from Savin Rock and weren't impressed enough to try again.


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      To be honest, I don't think their vibe would be attractive to families with young kids. I think they're going for couples and adult groups.