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May 31, 2012 06:22 PM

Ticket to Next Restaurant

I am traveling to Chicago June 5th thru 11th. I would love to get a ticket to Next Restaurant. I guess there are plenty of other people who are interested too. Where does one go to buy them on short notice?

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  1. You can get them direct from Next on or someone selling theirs.

    They literally put some tickets up hours ago; you just missed out.

    Check their Facebook page for people either selling theirs or the same-day ticket lottery. You must be quick!

    Note that they are only open Wesnesdays through Sundays. There are significantly more four tops than two tops. You risk getting burned if you pay over face value unless from a licensed ticket broker. Next has been known to void tickets of those scalping over face value.

    1. As far as I know Next likes to maintain some control over how tickets are resold (although the exact reasons for this aren't super clear; they don't get a cut or anything), as outlined here:

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        The reason is twofold: They do not want tickets scalped and they want to minimize risk of people falling prey to fake tickets - hence they have a verification/transfer system. They do charge $10 per transfer.

      2. get on the Next FBook page ASAP. A lot of people posting that they want to sell or trade tickets for the next week or two because they bought them and can't attend. if you catch someone who is desperateā€¦ chuh ching!

        they might do some same night tables as well that week. if so, you will have to stalk the Fbook page and email them daily till they "randomly" pick you.

        the answer to this question changes a lot though. this is only the answer for how to get them for that week. they will be having at least 2 more on sales for the current Sicily menuā€¦

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