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Shang Hai Noodle House Edison ( website www.shanghaibun.com)

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We went here in Edison at 518 Old Post Rd. 732 248 8688
I took the menu home to share here, and discovered not only the website, but also a 10%coupon! Of course I didn't know that till the car ride home! So if you go on the counter be sure to pick up a menu before ordering!
Different menu than Shanghai Bun, but now that I see the website I assume they are related. I haven't checked the website yet.

I found the food different than SB and the soup dumplings better. I did not like the fresh garlic with shrimp and noodles that I ordered. However, I loved the" Pork & Chivs Leeks Buns" puffy addictive buns that are more than worth the trip! I also thought the steamed pork soup buns were even better here than at SB, my hubby thought they were equal. I don't remember what else we ordered but there was too much food for two and we took it home as usual! We get carried away in a good Chinese restaurant but don't regret it the next day! I will definitely return those "chives leek buns" are calling me!

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  1. Agree that this is a good place for a pretty inexpensive but satisfying meal. Noodles are really good for the most part.