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Where should we eat on Valencia near 22nd (the Marsh)? [San Francisco]

We're all Marinites with less and less exposure to fun new places in SF. All cuisines are fine, reservations essential and mid range in price - $20-22 per entree. Nothing too precious, please, just solidly good.
Thanks in advance...

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  1. Check out Aslam's Rasol on Valencia between 21st & 22nd.
    We enjoy the Mixed Tandori Grill and the Seafood Curry.
    Good wine and beer selection too. Be adventurous

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        would recommend DOSA. aslam's rasoi is good, but probably nothign you can't get in marin

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          What are you liking at Nombe these days?

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            Not too much farther away is an izakaya called Yuzuki at 18th and Guerrero which I think is a whole lot better than Nombe.

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              I've not been a Nombe fan either. But it's been through so many changes in the kitchen with a new chef as of January, hopefully for the better. When were you last at Nombe?

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                I was there in the summer of last year.
                This spring I tried Yuzuki for the first time, and found it was much better and more focused.

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                  Thanks, that might have been a trough for Nombe. We haven't heard much on this board about it other than a discussion of the beef ramen, iirc. Reports on Yuzuki have been positive. I haven't been there yet, but it's probably the only one of the "izakayas" in SF that I'd be interested in. Had a taste of the soft tofu at a catered event.

          2. That price point would cover pretty much any place along Valencia. Range and Foreign Cinema come to mind, though they might miss on the "fun new place" score, but nail the "solidly good" requirement.

            For "new" I'm curious to try Lot 7. Looks good from the curb, reasonably crowded. But I have not been there. Anyone else here have a report?

            St. Vincent is another new place that has been getting good reviews here. Another place I'm waiting to go to.

            1. Try St. Vincent (new!) on 24th at Valencia (next to Arizmendi Bakery) or Garcon at 23rd and Valencia...both are excellent!

              1. Thoughts re Regalito Rosteceria? Never eaten there. But someone suggested it as a place to eat when going to the Marsh.

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                  I have eaten at Regalito and it is quite good. They do excellent things with grilled meat and it is Mexican without being typical. Give it a try.

                2. Lot 7 is really good, focus on sustainable fish. I had a very impressive meal there, the food is cooked with a light touch and very sophisticated. I remember a crudo being outstanding, I am fuzzy on the details of the dishes but I loved everything. The prices on the wine list were bizarre: wines by the glass were so high but bottle prices were great. They may have adjusted since I was there. Prices were reasonable for food.

                  St Vincent is also great and worlds better than Heart Wine Bar that was located there previously. Food is more strongly flavored than at Lot 7. Very well balanced dishes. Service and room are pretty casual, and the food and wine prices were fair.

                  I adored the meal at Yuzuki. Wow, so impressive and a great array of homemade pickles, tofu, etc. Nombe is still pretty good but the food can be super heavy/oily/salty...truly drunk food style izakaya compared to a much more refined cuisine at Yuzuki.

                  Bar Tartine is turning out great food right now, though the bill might add up there.

                  Range is still very good, but gets really crowded. Baretta is best just for cocktails (which are wonderful), food and wine somewhat lackluster.

                  What's at the Marsh?

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                    am i allowed to answer a non-food query (what's at the marsh)? life gone viral by charlie varon and jeri lynn cohen--great reviews and just got extended into july

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                      fabulous. i haven't seen jeri lynn in years.

                  2. solidly great: Garcon - practically across the street from The Marsh. I was pleasantly surprised recently to find their food had improved a great deal. in years past, they had been hit or miss.

                    Beretta is noisy and always crowded and while some of the food is good, mostly it's a scene-to-be-seen place. there pizza is, in my opinion, awful.

                    Range is good though not as perfect as it once was.

                    Dosa is solidly delicious.

                    I've not been to Rice Bowl, what used to be Spork (and right next door to the Marsh) but it looks very casual and un-precious.

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                      Just to clarify my thoughts about Beretta:
                      Since I'm on a multi-grain diet, I don't eat most pizza or pasta. But I've really enjoyed great appetizers there, like fresh sardines, baked polenta, broccolini.

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                        yep, i do think some of their food is good, like i said, but overall it's not a place i recommend - just too loud and crowded for my taste. i did enjoy sitting outside once.....

                    2. Thanks, all. You've given us a wealth of good choices...much appreciated!

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                        Reviving this thread, I'd like suggestions within the following parameters if possible:
                        (1) Not more than a flat 3 block walk from the Marsh
                        (2) Plates under $20 pp (it can even be a decent taqueria, or a variety of asian foods, but nothing that has food that can't be made un-spicy)
                        (3) A place we can get in/out of pretty quickly, before a show.
                        (These will be the wrong guests for some of the "usual suspects" nearby, and I'm not too familiar with Valencia up that far.)

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                          La Altena Market & Cafe, at 22nd and Mission has good tacos and is pretty quick. I don't know about the rest of their menu.

                          You can be the first hound to report about this newly opened Guatemalan hot dog place: http://www.losshucos.com/

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                            Lolo is small plates, and you'd probably wind up spending $20-$25/person for food there. Weekend reservations book weeks in advance, but weeknights aren't too bad. I agree with the others that spice isn't an issue there.

                            How are you getting to the Marsh? La Santaneca is a good, and very cheap, place if you're arriving on BART. But if you're coming from elsewhere, they don't take reservations and it's on the outer perimeter of your geographical limits (across from 24th St. Bart). Take out orders can take up to 25 minutes, and it's not unusual to wait more than 30 minutes to be served a pupusa there from when you walk in.

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                              Oh yeah, good point, La Santaneca can be slow. Not a good choice if you're on a tight schedule.

                            2. re: hyperbowler

                              thanks for the link! 2 blocks from mi casa - must try.

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                                maybe a sit-down Mexican meal? Velvet Cantina is good and quick - we ate there, actually, last time i went to the Marsh, a few weeks ago. great margaritas, guac, and mushroom empanadas.

                                i can't get their link to work right now, but here's a link to menu pages. http://sanfrancisco.menupages.com/res...

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                              Loló, though I don't know about "un-spicy". I didn't find the food spicy at all, but my tolerance is on the high side.

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                                And since Lot 7 was mentioned in this thread, its worth mentioning that Lot 7 is gone and Lolo has moved into that space. Looking forward to trying the new location.

                                And I agree about the spiciness question. Lolo food is far from bland, and some of the dishes may have more kick than others. But I do not find it to be too spicy at all. Very interesting and varied flavor profiles on their menu.

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                                  Papalote is one of the better taquerias in SF on 24 and Valencia.