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May 31, 2012 04:49 PM

What to do with Kohlrabi?

It is my first year doing a CSA. This week was the first week and what we got in our basket was really great- lettuce, radishes, chard, kale, turnips, and the kicker, kohlrabi. What the heck is kohlrabi? first off, when it's growing it looks like an alien, all those leaves, and it's purple! Does anyone have any really great recipes for kohlrabi? does anyone know if the leaves are any good? thanks!

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  1. I really like Kohlrabi if you peel it and steam it with butter, salt, and pepper. Very simple. It has a nutty taste and kind of reminds me of turnip. It's tasty!

    1. we've been getting them in our basket for a couple weeks, usually just been slicing them and eating them raw, kinda a different texture. was also told they are good sliced and put on the bbq?
      just taking the farmers advice on this though..

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        I also like them raw with salt and pepper. I only buy them in season in a farmers market because they can get so woody when old.

      2. The leaves are good. Cook them like kale or collards depending on how large they are. The purple kind you have to peel -- pale green skinned kohlrabi can sometimes be eaten with the skin (again depending on the size/age of the plant). I think it is best raw. I slice it and use the slices like crackers, dipped into hummus or spread with soft cheese. You can shred it and make a slaw. Cooked, it is like a broccoli stem. Madhur Jaffrey also has a nice kohlrabi and peanut salad if you can find the recipe.

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          We usually blanch collards and kale, but find that kohlrabi greens are wonderful without it -- just a quick saute, a pat of butter, et voila!

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            My great aunt, who had cooked professionally for some minor royalty in the early part of the 20th century, used to cook the kohlrabi (chunked or sliced) and greens; then, she put them through a meat grinder and finished cooking with butter, salt, and pepper. I wish I had asked her for the recipe before she died, because that creamed kohlrabi was one of my favorites (out of the many wonderful things she cooked!)

          2. Kohlrabi is a "Cabbage(kohl) Turnip(rabi)" in German.
            It is super versatile and grows almost anywhere. There are many reputable sites that have lots of recipes out in the ether.
            Makes a great Gratin with cheese and Thyme.

            1. I've had luck peeling, cubing, and roasting it with other root vegetables. I'm also going to try it shredded raw in a salad with apples. Kind of like a slaw.

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                Yes, very good roasted. E.g. see (not that one needs a recipe to roast some vegetables...)

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                  For some bizarre reason, I never thought of roasting Kohlrabi. Thanks for the idea guys, & thanks for the recipe link!! :)