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May 31, 2012 04:39 PM

weekday after 2pm lunch following circle cruise for a group of 10?

Any suggestions for a reasonable priced kid friendly spot, but GOOD food, and CLEAN please---for a group of about 10 near to where Circle line docks, 42nd st west? We are not tourists, outerborough folks...thanks for some current suggestions...

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  1. If your group consists of meat-eaters, consider Daisy May's for barbecue; yes, some tourists do go there, but it is still one of the better options for food in that region and not a tourist trap. Would be a great option as far as being kid-friendly. Otherwise, your best options are probably to head over to 9th ave, so it depends on if all in the group are able/willing to head there. Options over there range from Five Napkin Burger to hole in the wall places such as Afghan Kebab (how well these places work would depend on if they are empty enough to accomodate you and how adventurous the children are...) If you want something quick, you could get sandwiches at City Sandwich (generic name, but high quality sandwiches) and then head to a public space to eat them.

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      these are both great suggestions, thank you so much..the bbq might be perfect--the sandwiches look wonderful, there a place to sit down there, or is it only take out?

    2. i saw a photo on yelp and see it doesn't have seating, but it looks like the bbq place has nice long table that would be perfect for our group...think we'll head there...thanks again

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        Service at Daisy May's is caferia-style. We were last there twice in 2009. Mixed results with regard to the food. I felt it had gone somewhat downhill since the first time we went after it opened.

        Photos and commentary here:

        and here:

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          see the photos but don't see your comments..please relink for me..thanks...

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            Click on the food photos. The comments are below the photos.


      2. I suggest Pio Pio on 10th Av near 44 St. Excellent chicken, great avacado salad, but limited menu.

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          we eat at pio pio in queens, so looking for something different..thanks....actually we like Tu Casa in Queens better--green sauce just as good if not better, chicken servings bigger...and prices are much cheaper. Salad better at Pio Pio