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May 31, 2012 03:30 PM

Turkish Coffee

Anyone know whether it is better to buy the pre-ground Turkish coffee powder that some mid-eastern grocery stores sell, or whether a good roast ground at home has the same results?
Second to that, any suggestions for either a good place to buy pre-ground Turkish coffee around town, or the right type of bean/roast to grind at home?
I recently got a nice copper cezve and am looking to use it heavily.

Much thanks in advance, all.

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  1. You would have to grind to a very fine powder. My grinder would burn up before grinding coffee beans to match what I buy.

    I got this at Vine Ripe Market in La Mesa. Cost was around $11 for 500 g. Directions are to use 5-6 g coffee to 65 ml water per cup. I use 1Tbs to 150 ml for two cups. It takes a long while to use up all the coffee in the can.

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      I use a hand grinder (Porlex Tall) that is supposed to support grinding to Turkish powder, though I only use it for espresso-level grinding. If you're willing to grind by hand and don't need large batches, it might be something to look into. (Same ceramic burr as the Kyocera CM-45, which handles slightly larger batches, I think.)

      I'm sure cgfan will be along shortly with much more useful info, though. ;)

    2. Sultan Baklava in El Cajon, corner of 2nd and Main, where 2nd Street turns into Jamacha. Sultan is a Turkish restaurant but they also sell several pre-packaged Turkish foods including coffee, tea, and Turkish Delight.

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        I moved away from SD 15 years ago (yikes) and am in central cal now. Having said that, the best place for me to find Armenian (we don't call it turkish) coffee (same thing though) is at a Middle eastern deli. So if anyone here knows of one of those delis (I think there are some in Mira Mesa/Sorrento Valley) I would start there. Typical spice that differentiates regular coffee from turkish/armenian is hale (arabic for cardamon).

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