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Dec 5, 2003 01:34 PM

San Diego Fried Chicken

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Simple question: Where's the best fried chicken in San Diego and surrounding areas? Thanks.

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  1. You know, had you asked me about three years ago, I would have said Tom's Chicken Shack in Wynola. Hands down, the best fried chicken I'd ever tasted. But sadly, Tom's is no more. So now I'm getting my fried chicken fix at Popeye's because I've yet to find a restaurant that does it any better. I'd love to know of others, if they exist.

    1. Oh No!

      Popeye's is OK but I'd recommend several places for the Chicken aficionado.

      First, Jimmy's in Santee serves a very nice Boasted Chicken Dinner that is wonderful! Second, I'd recommend a little place on the 4700 block of El Cajon Blvd, South side with a large sign “FRIED CHICKEN”. This is the bulk of their business and the line is almost always out the door. The last place I'd suggest is a new place called California Chicken located on the Northwest Corner of University and 70th street. I've had their chicken twice and both times have been very good. Their Red Beans and rice is good, maybe not as good as Popeye's but I think their chicken is better.


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        I tried to find this El Cajon Blvd place today and struck out. Well, I did have lunch at Saigon, so it was hardly a total loss. Can you be a little more specific? Next to? Across from?



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          El Cajon Blvd and 49th. South East corner. Written on mmm-yoso about October 16 under "What Cathy eats!"

      2. I've found the fried chicken at Huffman's pretty darn good. Prepared to order, so there's a bit of a wait, but you can call ahead. Huffman's is on the south side of Imperial, just west of Euclid.

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          I love Huffman's!!!. You need to call it in. You can not beat the fresh prep that they do. Huffman's is a real Jewel of San Diego with a rich history of good food and community activism.

        2. The original comment has been removed