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May 31, 2012 02:49 PM

anniversay dinner help...

so i am looking for a place to do dinner for the anniversary with the BF. at first, i was thinking waters edge or river cafe bc of the view, and i wanted to be a little dressy, but both of those are closed or booked. It is a sunday night. I have a reservation at Marc Forgione (they no longer do sunday dinner), as I have never been there, but figured i would toss out a post to see if anyone had any thoughts. I would love to do something with a killer view and good food, i know most places with great views, dont have great food. I do not want the water club, or riverpark. Any thoughts?
I would have done EMP, but closed on sunday. I am not looking to brake the bank, but still would like to be able to be dressed up a little.

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  1. Del Posto is open on Sunday. You can definitely dress up there.

    1. Forgione is great, but not really a "dress-up" place (also, what do you mean they don't do dinner on Sunday? Says right on their website: Sunday, 5PM–10PM)

      Which Sunday so you have in mind? This Sunday? Next Sunday? Be easier if we could look at Opentable and filter our responses based on who has openings...

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        I think the OP meant that Forgione has discontinued the prix fixe Sunday Supper. i.e. 3 courses for $44. On Sundays the only option is the regular a la carte dinner menu.

      2. exactly- it no longer does Sunday Dinners- I was thinking Del Posto as well, but now it seems like we may do something in Queens,or LI, as the BF doesnt want to go into the City- I know..big booo..
        It is for this sunday-