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May 31, 2012 01:45 PM

Hidden gem - water, pond or lake view restaurant, fun or festive feeling? Help!

my husband and i have done a lot of the usual daytrips outside boston (live in lincoln now) but want to take him to a fun festive hidden spot maybe an hour or so away for fathers day with the kids. Any restaurants you can recommend greatly appreciated! We want good food of course but just as important looking for something unexpected or unique. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Allora in Marlborough is a very nice Mediterranean spot that has lake views from their patio. And if you don't mind driving a bit further (and are ok with more of a cafe-type spot), Lady Killigrew at the Montague Bookmill is fun, with views of the river below and a good beer list.

    1. Not really hidden, not sure how festive, but maybe Jake's in Hull or for a step above, Bridgeman's? Kind of depends how old your kids are too. Right on the ocean. My Place by the Sea in Rockport for a nicer dinner?

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        Also, the carousel is right there, across the street from Jake's, down the street from Bridgeman's. Jake's has patio seating on the bay.

      2. The Four Winds in Lynn MA maybe just the spot for your family, great waterviews!

        1. Thanks so much - I'm researching all of these places now. Please keep them coming if anyone has more ideas!

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          1. Chauncy creek lobster pier in Kittery, ME is only an hour or so from lincoln.

            I know I wouldn't mind being taken there for a father's day meal