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May 31, 2012 01:38 PM

Liverpool House if you can't get into Joe Beef?

Hi all,

Heading to Montreal for the first time in 10 years. My food knowledge of the city is 0. The boards and a few friends recommended Joe Beef (surprise surprise). Would greatly appreciate your opinion on going to Liverpool House if you can't get in at Joe Beef. If not, any recommendations for a similar atmosphere and great food? Thanks so much.

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  1. I have never been to Joe Beef but I did try Liverpool House and I was underwhelmed and not quite sure what all the fuss is about...maybe that's why I haven't tried Joe Beef yet. If you are from out of town, you should try some of the great young restaurants that have a particular Montreal vibe. I would recommend 400 coups, Salle a Manger, Chien Fumant, Le Hangar, Le Filet, Quartier General etc. Liverpool House is not a bad place in my mind, but it's very Anglo and as such not so different from what you might find outside Quebec.

    1. If you can't get in to Joe Beef, you will still enjoy Liverpool House. Different menu, but similar atmosphere. Another option would be Nora Grey (former chef from Liverpool House), or Chien Fumant, as mentioned by mikjomom44 below - along with her other good suggestions (Chien Fumant is also run by a Joe Beef alumnus). You will find this board divided - people either love JB and LH, or don't get what all the fuss is about. I'm firmly in the love them camp, but YMMV. Similar atmosphere also at Au Pied de Cochon, but if you can't get in to Joe Beef, chances of getting in to APDC are likely slim to none.

      1. It's easy enough to try as they have an online reservation system with Open Table. It's nearly next door to Joe Beef but I have only been to Liverpool House. It was enjoyable but the menu was perhaps more uneven than other places that are in that price range. The wait staff was stellar but I don't love the location and the decor ... the canoe on the ceiling is nice but the pick up truck paintings? Meh. I'd probably try some on mikjomom44's list instead.

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          Thank you very much for the opinions and the other suggestions. I will do a little research and am sure to land in a good spot. Thank you again and will definitely report back.

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            I am one of those Joe Beef/Liverpool House fans and they are very similar. Liverpool is more relaxed (it's also bigger than Joe Beef) but both places are very casual (not something reflected in the price or cooking though).
            I was hugely underwhelmed by Nora Grey especially in that price range. Great service though.
            But lot's of other great options in this city: Le Comptoir, Tuck Shop, Le p'tit plateau (better than Quartier General for BYOB) to complete some of mikjomom's suggestions.

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              I've seen many of the same dishes offered at both restaurants - I think if one did a blind taste test it would be tough to discern JB from LH, apart from the few notorious dishes (i.e. the double down). Its nice that JB has the terrasse, but indoors I actually prefer Liverpool house as it has a bit more room.

        2. I actually ran into this exact scenario last October. I tried to book Joe Beef and they were full and I ended up going to Liverpool House instead. Had a fantastic meal there. I can't speak to some of the other comments of unevenness or inconsistency as I've only eaten there the one time but it was very good. We had a four top so we were able to try a number of dishes. The ones I had included their version of Plogue a Champlain w/foie gras, maple syrup, cheese and french toast. Their cote de boeuf for two which was excellent. A side of lobster mashed potatoes that was killer. Great wine. Great time. Definitely would go back. I've eaten at APDC many times, most recently last week on vacation and had some of their seafood offerings for a change. But my point would be, if you go to Liverpool House, I don't think you will feel shortchanged. At least not based on my single experience there. I actually preferred the Plogue a Champlain I had a LH over the one I had at APDC. Good luck.

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            Just a quick thank you for all the replies and suggestions. We ended up at Tuck Shop and had an absolutely fantastic meal. Great atmosphere, very good service and the food was spot on. Top dishes of the night, two appetizers 1) burrata, heirloom tomatoes, arugala on grilled bread 2) seared pork belly in a heavenly mushroom cream sauce, main course winner was a 15 ounce ribeye with grilled asparagus and fingerling potatoes. Perfectly medium rare, well salted and peppered--a great steak and finally a delicious warm brownie with vanilla ice cream. They also have a very affordable wine list.

            If you haven't been, I would highly suggest a visit. You won't be disappointed.

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              I am glad you liked Tuck Shop. It is really one of my favourite places in town. Although the cooking isn't super inventive or hyper local (it's a bit of everything, it doesn't have a clear theme like JB, LPH or APDC) I always find it to be spot on as well.

              I once went to a culinary event where their 2 sous-chefs were cooking (Cookies Unite in Le Nouveau Palais) and they made very taste tongue and veal cheek tacos. Different from Tuck Shop but still the same care.