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May 31, 2012 01:02 PM

Tudor House closing

went to their website looking for bunting (Jubilee flag-waving weekend, and all that) only to find the message that they're closing after 50 years:

I never liked their tea room, which always struck me as very old-lady musty, or their baked goods (sausage rolls were dry, not flaky) or the trifle I ordered from them a couple of years ago that was horribly sweet. Which left the sweets section and stuff like marmite and tea bags that you can just as easily get at Cost Plus.

But as a Brit, it's sad to see this Santa Monica institution go down. It joins Santa Monica's pantheon of old—Crafty Cockney, Mucky Duck. Wonder where all the Brits have moved to—Oregon?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Tudor House's store carried large glass bottles of Schwepp's Bitter Lemon, which I've never been able to find anywhere else (not even at Galco's). And Wine Gums. And my musty old-lady mother was always happy to be taken there for Mother's Day :-(

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      1. re: silence9

        I've been searching for Bitter Lemon here for years...who knew. will go stock up if the place is still open. and no disrespect intended to your—or anyone's—mum.

        1. re: iOnLa

          Hi... The Bitter Lemon was always sitting on a lower (lowest) shelf, as one entered the store. Hope you find it.... And no worries, no disrespect taken. My mom _knows_ she is musty :-)

      2. What do you think of King's Head, across the street? (An English friend of mine said that between King's Head and Cock n' Bull, Santa Monica actually has a British pub for everyone.)

        For what it's worth, some people are very excited about what's going into the space:

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        1. re: PeterCC

          those pubs seem stuck in the 70s. I think what your friend said rang true a few years ago, but not now. as a former waitress at the Kings Head, it's painful to go there—not fun or energizing, and I can't imagine eating at either place on a regular basis.
          interesting about the new Tudor House tenant....hope they overcome that deserted patch of 2nd St. and can produce a restaurant that lasts beyond any attendant hype.

          1. re: iOnLa

            Where's a good place to go for meat pies? I really liked the baked goods at TH. If there's better out there, I'd love to know

            1. re: BrewNChow

              we're partial to the sausage rolls at O'Malleys in Seal Beach:
              I can't remember the last time I ate a meat pie, and perhaps that speaks to why they're going out of business. They're probably proud of the fact that their items haven't changed in 50 years. While the entire British cooking scene has exploded, the Santa Monica Brits seem trapped in cobwebs.