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May 31, 2012 12:51 PM

Nice Restaurant near Sarasota airport?

Looking for nice Pre-theater dining near the Sarasota/Bradenton airport (going to the Asolo Theater). Will consider all cuisines, and price is not an issue. We'll be coming from I-75, so anyplace along University is also fine. Thanks!

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  1. Treviso is on the Ringling grounds across the street from the Asolo main stage. For the convenience it cannot be beat; food is not bad either. Look at the menu below. If you decide to go; reservations are necessary.

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    1. re: ospreycove

      Thanks so much for all the input. We decided to go to Bonefish Grill on University, on the way to the show.

    2. Although Treviso is the most convenient, being inside the Ringling grounds, the food is rather mediocre. I think it would be better to go to Captain Brians up the road on 41. Although not a fancy setting, it has some of the freshest fish in the area and great service.

      1. Have to second the comment on Treviso- it's OK and a pain because it's on the grounds, and yes to Captain Brians. Food is wonderful.

        1. Mozaic if it's not too far. Great little restaurant!

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            That's downtown, no where near the airport,nor 75! Captain Brian would be my choice providing they like fish.

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              Capt Brian's is my FIRST CHOICE for many reasons, my above post was just keeping it simple for those not too familiar with the area.

              1. re: ospreycove

                Oh well, there going to Bonefish!! LO