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May 31, 2012 12:48 PM

Copper River Sockeye at CostCo

They're back, this time $8.99 lb., even cheaper than last year.

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  1. Thanks! We got some last year and it was lovely. It is cheaper this year! Thanks again!

    1. Frozen or fresh? Thanks for the heads up!

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      1. re: madcao

        it's fresh. they had lots of it in the marina...and even a few smaller portions.

      2. is it ok to freeze the salmon? if so, for how long?

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        1. re: Jigsaw

          Better to eat it fresh but check comments section of the following for detailed freezing instructions:


          Nice to enjoy a Pliny beforehand ;-)

          1. re: Jigsaw

            When you eat salmon in a sushi joint, the salmon has always been frozen to make it safe to eat raw. (With the exception of tuna, almost all the fish needs to be frozen first).

          2. How are you guys enjoying this?

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            1. re: ns1

              do you mean how are we cooking it? I like Russ Parsons' method—fill a pan with about half inch of water and place on lower rack of oven. put salmon on foil-lined baking sheet, sprinkle w/ salt, pepper and drizzle of olive oil and steam/bake at 325 degrees for about 20 minutes, depending on size. Simple and pure.

              1. re: ns1

                It was delicious! Thanks for the tip, iON.

                I marinated it in olive oil, soy sauce, garlic and dill and bar-b-qued it. Magnificent!

                It was just for my wife and me and Costco packages these filets in about 3 pound packs. I was reluctant to freeze the fish and they were more thna kind to separate a package and leave me with one filet.

                1. re: Honeyman

                  I didn't know Costco would separate the meat and make smaller portions. That's good to know. Never hurts to ask!

                2. re: ns1

                  The fish I got on Sunday has been excellent. My normal prep is 15-20 minute marinade in oil, lemon, pepper and garlic, cooked over medium heat in a non-stick grill pan, or an actual grill if I have time.

                3. Thanks OP! stopped in this weekend. It's odd because I visited 2 Costcos on the 29th and didn't see any.