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May 31, 2012 12:39 PM

Glass-Hostaria in Rome

Dual birthday celebration for my husband and me on last Sunday in September. We're hardened new Yorkers so we always expect wonderful food but always want that "something" more that makes a restaurant experience a great one. Hi or low cuisine, price, locatio not as important as its own uniqueness. So feel free to recommend any you love. Well be in Rome for 4 days.

We hear that Glass Hosteria is marvelous. I'm having trouble accessing their web site. Any recent diners out there?. Other suggestions welcome for birthday lunch and dinner. Thanks.

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  1. We are headed to Rome right now after 5 days in the heaven that is aka The Amalfi Coast. My heart breaks to leave here and is only cheered by thoughts of the planned meals in Rome. . . Starting with dinner tonight at Glass Hosteria. I will try to report back in the morning!

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      We are going to the Amalfi in a few weeks and would be interested in your recommendations. We will be based in Ravello.
      Thanks so much

    2. Must make this brief as there is a ton of eating to do today! Ate at Glass last night and it was one of the best meals of my life. You willbe blown away.

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      1. My wife and I ate there in mid may and had a great time. The food was first rate in taste, freshness and presentation. The staff was very friendly and helpful for two people whose italian is pretty creaky. We took advantage of one of the tasting menus which allowed us to try a number of their dishes. The composition of each was explained to us by our server and the individual dishes were served at a pace that didn't make us feel rushed.
        Physically the design of Glass is very interesting as well.
        Overall it was a highlight of our stay and Rome and i can unreservedly recommend it.

        1. Hi doubleffs, you can have a look to the detailed post I wrote some time ago about Glass Hostaria:

          I have been there also more recently and if possible their cuisine is further improving. Is the 2nd michelin star coming?

          Note that Glass is open only for dinner and it is closed on Mondays.


          1. We were there in March. I thought it was quite good. I thought All'Oro was better. I was also highly impressed with L'Archangelo -- the suppli and gnocchi exceeded all expectations. I thought Antico Arco was fine enough -- I was hopeful for better, and it was a bit disappointing (although their bread selection was quite nice). For pizza, I'm not sure I would return to Sforno, but I would absolutely travel the distance to Gata Mangiona.

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              wondering, can you say a bit more about what you ate and liked about these places and why you preferred one over another?

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                In March, my husband and I, along with our well-traveled 15 year old daughter (who has an excellent palate), and spent a week in Paris, followed by a week in Paris. This is where we ate in Rome:
                All'Oro -- our first night. I like the room and service. Our reservation was for 9pm, and the restaurant was filling up with what seemed to be locals. We ordered the tasting menu. Everything was tasty and the flavors and seasoning were complex and correct, though I would have preferred to have the proteins less cooked, especially the quail. I would return.

                Gata Mangiona -- our second night. This was excellent. Again, 9pm reservation and we arrived to a full house of locals. The service was excellent and the suppli and pizzas were superb, as were the desserts (tiramisu and a creamy pudding with chocolate).

                Third night -- we bought ingredients from the Testacchio market (vegetables, eggs, pasta), Roscoli (cheese, wine, butter, oil, vinegar), Tricolore (bread -- which was brilliant) and Panella (jam tart -- which was disappointing. We cooked in our apt.

                Glass -- fourth night. The place is modern and reminded me of restaurant design circa 1990s. The service was good and responsive. The pastas were a good texture, but the flavors were not suble or delicate, but not in a rustic way. I craved nuance in the ravioli with aged Parmesan, and my daughter's choice with oysters and leeks was a bit heavy. My husband and I thought our scallops were over cooked, even though we asked for them to be rare. The tiramisu was not excellent -- a modern take that was lacking in attributes. I felt that the place was trying too hard and not achieving. Also, many, many tourists.

                Sforno -- fifth day. We ordered the same type of courses as Gata (suppli, pizzas, tiramisu), but Sforno's rendition of each paled in comparison. Service, though, was great and the place was lively and filled to the brim with locals.

                L'Arcangelo -- sixth night. Sublime. We each had suppli to start then gnocchi. I've never had better. I like the place. Again, we had a 9pm reservation. We were the first ones in the restaurant, which filled up completely by 10. Also, again, all locals but us. Desserts were fine, but not special.

                Antico Arco -- last night. This is a big and modern place. Lots of tables and activity. Also, lots of tourists. I thought the food was ordinary, except for the house baked bread. We had scallops with tomato sauce and polenta -- not a successful combination, the sauce was not delicate and overly reduced, the polenta was flavorless and the scallop over cooked. We also had the egg with cauliflower and truffle. Again, the flavors were off, and odd, with an abundance of what was probably truffle oil. We also had pasta with cheese, black pepper and fried zucchini flowers -- what a mess, gloppy, oily, salty, disappointing. Dessert was not much better -- icy sorbets and an average apple tart.

                Gelato -- we liked Il Gelato the best. Gelato del Teatro was ok. We did not like Grom or Gracchi.

                Great pre-dinner drinking at Remiglio, Settembrini. We also went to Cul de Sac, Cavour 313, Il Bacocco, which were ok, but I wouldn't return, purely based on atmosphere. Cul de Sac was filled with tourists eating early dinners at 7:30pm and the other two were empty but for us.

                Please excuse any typos.