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May 31, 2012 11:49 AM

Upper Valley VT/NH Roundup...Hanover, Norwich, Lebanon et al

Upper Valley hounds...lets pool our knowledge on what's going on. Granted the pickings are slim...but there is some good stuff out there!

I have finally found good Chinese food...and it is, I kid you not, in a gas station in Lebanon. no joke. Ask for the authentic menu and ignore the regular one. Tell them you want to know whatever is on special...I have gotten some great ginger and scallion shrimp and very tasty veg dishes.

Robert Irvine was at Gusanozs for Restaurant Impossible! They have a new menu and I hear it is actually good! But I have not yet tried it. Anyone venture that way yet?

Another new place I have been hearing good stuff about is Taj e India...a Hakka Chinese/Indian place in WRJ near the Bowling alley. I hear good things and since I don't love Jewel of India I'm excited for a new option.

New grocery in Lebanon...Hannafords...I find to be pretty average. The Coop is better for specialty stuff, and Price Chopper beats their prices for staples.

In the JCP plaza there is a Mexixan place that is a step up from Taco Bell and a step down from Boloco, called Moes. My ten year old son and his friends love it...and it's a quick option if you are on 12a shopping. Basic tacos, burritos, etc.

The Hanover farmers market returns to the green next Wednesday for the season...lots of good vendors again this year and I'm looking forward to it.

Chime in! Any other hits, misses or notables?

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  1. I keep getting mixed reviews on Taj e India. Several of the Indian people I know don't like it, but several others do.

    Random place that I enjoyed recently that appears not to be on most people's radar is Limerick Irish Eatery in Quechee. I've had two decent breakfasts there.

    Another random place I'll mention is Cantore's Pizza. The pizza is good, but the real catch is the $5 burger and fries special, which is actually a really good burger and fries for the price.

    1. Oh, good info on original post, thanks! Gas station Chinese? It just has to be good! I must try.

      Don't forget about Yama in W. Lebanon for Korean, there is also a branch in Hanover too I believe.

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        I must try the gas station Chinese now. Been doing Yamas for years and have found it to always be a nice experience..

        1. re: starvinginNH

          Oh...we LOVE Yama. Eat ther prob 3 times a month.and they are VERY kid friendly.

        2. So far I haven't found much that's consistently good but would recommend places for specific items - for example, I don't think Molly's is very good, but their black bean burger is great. I would also recommend the black bean nachos at Salt Hill.

          Morano Gelato is fantastic.

          I posted recently about Salubre, which was not bad and a nice option to have for non-red sauce Italian. I'm eager to try more of their menu, which I think changes seasonally.

          I've generally been disappointed with Canoe Club and the pub at the Norwich Inn.

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            I like Salubre and think their small plates and bar are great for light fare.

            We have a street cart! StrEats is located across from Listen and next to Stateliness Sports. do far I have had a tasty fish taco and look forward to sampling more.

          2. We've had several enjoyable, casual meals at Colatina Exit up in Bradford. It's been 2-3 years since we've been, so I wonder how folks feel about it now....

            1. Gas station chinese is the best! Have eaten there many times. I only discovered it about two years ago through a Chinese friend, when I was still at Dartmouth College. I haven't been a student at the college for a year now, but visit the school during every term for the big party weekends, and make a trip to gas station chinese every time. No visit back to Dartmouth is complete without it.

              Favorites are the black pepper squid, spicy chicken, and singapore rice noodle, although the last can be a little bland sometimes (when this happens I usually just add sriracha from one of the many bottles sitting out on the nearby tables). I've tried a few other dishes I really like, but can't remember which ones they were...but I highly recommend!

              Also, I've heard really good things about Stella's (Italian food) in Lyme from a couple of different people, but have never been there myself.