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May 31, 2012 11:44 AM

Awesome Restaurant for 23 Birthday for a Guy

Hey everyone. My best friend is turning 23 and has put me in charge of finding a place to eat for his birthday. It's going to be a group of 8 of us. Entrees have to be between 20-30 and he wants it to be a fun atmosphere. It really doesn't matter what neighborhood it is or what cuisine. Just looking for a bunch of suggestions.

Thank You!

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  1. Perla has a booth that will fit 8 people I think. Great food and atmosphere. Call them asap.

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        help us help you - its a big city full of loads of restaurants. What does he like? is drinking at dinner important to you? how long in the future are you planning this for?


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          its for july 29. As far as drinks are concerned., as long as anyone could get a good beer its fine. Cuisine wise he is very open as long as it's a fun atmosphere!

    1. Standard Grill might fit the bill.

        1. +1 standard grill. Also Stanton social, Lavo,Abe and Arthur's, Tao, Catch

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            None of the above places has good food. They are bad value, party type places frequented by B&T / tourist types. Don't get me wrong - can be quite fun - just not about good food at all.

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            1. Korean BBQ is what you make of it, particularly. I turned 25 at one of the private rooms at Kang Suh, which was otherwise pretty staid (for Ktown). Our small private room, however, turned into a house party between the soju and the grilling with a bunch of guys. If you don't order carefully, though, you can easily go above $30pp.

              A group of 8 can easily do the fried chicken dinner at Momofuku, you just have to make your reservations well ahead of time. If you're doing a Sunday meal, there are also lots of boozy brunches to pick from.