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May 31, 2012 11:31 AM

Lunch Between Charlotte Airport and Hickory

We wil be travelling to Hickory from the airport on Rts 85 and 321 at lunchtime. Where should we eat?

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  1. Not to be difficult, but you're better off eating in Charlotte before you drive. There's not a lot along that way.

    In Belmont, there is Old Stone Steakhouse. More downscale options, in Gastonia, are the Chicken Box or Kyle Fletcher's bbq.

    1. In from out of town? Lunch on the patio at the US National Whitewater Center might be nice, even if it's just to watch the rafts and kayaks go by. It's just a bit off the path.

      Or Tony's Ice Cream in Gastonia - the food's not the focus, but it's ok. Good ice cream though, in many flavors made right there. It's a bit off 85 as well.

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        PUNKTOWN, The White Water Bar and Grill sounds great and it appears to be kind of on the way. Thanks, now we just have to hope for good weather.

      2. Sounds like you have a plan but if it rains, you could try Tommy's Drive In. Its right on 321 at the edge of Gastonia going into Dallas. Definitely not fancy, but good casual greasy food.

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        1. re: billyjack

          bikkyjack, thanks for the suggestion. We like drive ins so maybe we will check it out.

          1. re: professor shorthair

            In that case, I have two better suggestions! There is another drive in on your way to Hickory, and its an actual drive in with car service. The name is "It's". "It's Drive In" in Lincolnton. Just get off 321 at the main Lincolnton exit and head towards town. "It's" will be on your left (I think this is the same owner as Tommy's).

            Another even better place would be the BBQ King, if you don't mind a very slight detour. Its on Wilkinson Blvd not very far from the airport. Another actual drive in, and you can get BBQ chicken, which is fried chicken dipped in barbecue sauce (western NC style sauce, not KC masterpiece or anything). Its not on your way but its not too far.