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May 31, 2012 10:37 AM

Group-Friendly Pub Near Century-Link

A large number of Vancouver Whitecaps fans will be coming to Seattle for the August 18th tilt with the Sounders, and some of us will be looking for a pre-game pint or two. We're looking for a fairly large space (there could be 100+ coming), some place that's not already "owned" by ECS members, and is walking (stumbling) distance to Qwest field.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. You could ask the Merchant's Cafe & Saloon to open the downstairs room for you, maybe?

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    1. re: Brunhilde

      Merchant's Cafe hosts La Barra Fuerza Verde's pre-match pachanga, so that's not a good choice. All the bars down there live and die by gamedays and August 18th is a two-fer (Sounders game with the full stadium open at 1, Mariners game at 6) so you'll probably have a tough time finding one willing to reserve any space. That said, if you roll up with a few dozen fans at, say, Elysian Fields or Hooverville as soon as they open, you should be able to secure critical mass. Tiki Bobs could also work but I wouldn't wish that place even on a 'caps fan.

      Places besides Merchant's Cafe best avoided by groups of away fans on Sounders gamedays:
      * Fuel (home bar of ECS)
      * McCoy's Firehouse (second home of ECS)
      * Temple Billiards (third home of ECS)
      * really, anywhere in Occidental Square before the match.
      * Fado (home bar of Gorilla FC)

      Anywhere else, it'll be catch as catch can.

    2. Perhaps Collins Pub on 2nd Ave? A truly great bar, but might be tight fit w/100 people. It does fill up before games, but if you got there early might work out for you. Be nice to it, it's one of the best bars in the city.