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May 31, 2012 09:55 AM

Brunch for 20?

In 2 weeks I'm making brunch for 20 adults and I could use some help. I've done this in the past and have just had too many options. I also tend to come up with menus that involve many oven based items and it seems I've done it again here.
Currently I'm looking at serving the following:

creme brulee french toast
egg casserole with asparagus and leek, +cheese that I haven't decided on
fruit salad
green salad (waldorf?)
blueberry muffins
champagne + 2 juice options

I've intentionally not done a meat item as there will be many vegetarians and I wasn't going to add something else on the list, but suppose a pile of sausage wouldn't be too hard.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
Thanks :)

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  1. a nice chilled soup would be a nice addition...gazpacho or a melon soup would offer an alternative for everyone and you could make it well in advance.

    1. I think your ideas are lovely.
      Maybe I would add something baked and not sweet...savory scones? Onion bialys? Bagels and lox?

      1. Sounds lovely! Surely you can make the muffins the night before to free up the oven.

        With the fruit salad, do you also need a Waldorf salad? Waldorf always seems wintery to me. I'll try to talk you out of that in particular and green salad in general. Greens are always nice, but I'm assuming this is buffet and sometimes trying to spear a lettuce leaf with a plate on your lap is difficult.

        I'm not a coffee drinker, but you know your guests. Some of my friends drink tea, so I'd always have a couple of tea options available.

        Light and springy. Good menu!

        1. While the menu addresses the vegetarian palate, it ignores the carnivore. I might add simple crab filled crepes (great with the champagne) and I'd prepare some of that French toast using soy milk, and tofu in honor of the vegans in the population. They may not appreciate the eggs and cream. Or you might even work up some simple sweet potatoes with a light topping of nut oil and/or soy yogurt and freshly chopped nuts.
          If you drop the mayo from the Waldorf salad and replace it with yogurt (or other choice) you'll hit both vegetarian and non-vegetarian targets.

          1. If you're making more than one dish of the egg casserole, adding bacon to one could be a way to satisfy meat eaters without too much extra effort on your part. You might also consider a spinach salad with strawberries, since they're in season now.