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May 31, 2012 09:34 AM

Willamette Trip Itinerary Advice Please

Very excited to go for the first time this August for 2 nights. What do you think about this itinerary?
Also, in Napa we've hired drivers who will drive our rental car. Does anyone know of a company/driver who provides a similar service? Finally can somebody recommend the best place for a weekday brunch? Thank you!

First night - dinner at The Painted Lady

Wine tasting (leaving from the Allison inn)
1. argyle winery
2. archery summit
3. Lunch at Joel Palmer house
4. Domaine drouhin
5. JK Carrire (too much??)

Dinner at Jory

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  1. Wine tasting spots are subjective, but that is a good list. Are you doing all of this in one day? Also, I do not believe Joel Palmer House is open for lunch. You could try Dundee Bistro or Paulee (both in Dundee). I don't know if Paulee will be open for lunch. Alternatively, picnic supplies from the market in Dundee (Red Hills Market) and take your food to the wineries. Have not been to Painted Lady (might find more info on this on the Pacific Northwest Board), but Jory is good. If you like charcuterie, get theirs.

    1. From a logistical point of view you are better off putting Archery Summit and Drouhin together rather than splitting them up with lunch. You will be at AS, leave, have to drive wherever you are going for lunch (presumably back into Dundee or Newberg), then drive basically right back to AS to get to Drouhin. If you are going to eat in Dundee I would suggest Tina's (wine country institution), Red Hills Market (informal market and lunch spot w/wood fired pizza and sandwiches and outdoor seating) or maybe Paulee (it's not even open yet so sort of hard to recommend) or go to Recipe in Newberg (high end comfort food). Do AS and DDO beforehand. If you are eating in Dundee you could walk to Argyle and then decide if you want to go to another winery. This will save you a lot of driving and make the day easier I think.

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        Thanks! This is very helpful! Any place special for brunch before we leave?

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          Honestly, the brunch at the Allison is as good as it gets. I freaking hate brunch and I have been to that one. Old school with a roast beef carving station (cooked perfectly BTW), omelette bar, etc. If you are going to Portland I think the Woodsman Tavern specializes in this meal but, again, far from an expert about brunch however the Allison's is top notch.