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Inexpensive restaurant near Lincoln Center

I'm meeting a friend for a play at Lincoln Center on Saturday afternoon, and we want to eat afterward, around 4:30. I've looked at other recommendations, but Lincoln and Bar Boulud are too pricey for us. We only want to spend around $25. p.p. (before tax and tip, not including wine). Would Indie Cafe be a good choice? Any suggestions? We don't mind walking to Amsterdam or up to the 70's. Ethnic food or American are all fine. But I would like something resembling dinner, not just a sandwich.

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  1. Inexpensive restaurants within 10 blocks of Lincoln Center:

    La Vela
    Szechuan Gourmet
    Grand Sichuan
    Fatty Crab
    Salumeria Rosi

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      Thanks for the suggestions. Which of these would you say has the best food and is a comfortable place to sit and chat?

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        I like Salumeria Rosi and Fatty Crab a lot. Benares is also great if you order from the seafood and vegetarian menu.

        Fairway Cafe will be nice and quiet in the early afternoon. I love the roast chicken and creamed spinach there.

        Cafe Ronda and Pasha, mentioned below, are good too. Check the websites to see if any of them will be open by 4:30.

    2. Cafe Rhonda is my go to place for Lincoln Center events. It's a bit of a walk on Columbus btw 71 & 72 but they have tasty tapas and good wines. I think if you split some things you could easily get out around $50 total w/o wine.

      1. Pasha (Turkish) At 70 West 71st could work.

        1. On 65th St. right across from Lincoln Center there Shun Lee Cafe which opens at 5:00 and Atlantic Grill are good choices.

          1. Seven's Turkish on the south side of 72nd St. just east of Broadway/Amsterdam.
            Very tasty; very comfortable; good selection. Quieter and better for talking than many of the other recs, I think.

            1. You could buy something at Epicerie Boulud and then sit at their outdoor seating.

              Indie is mainly salads and sandwiches -- so based on your criteria, that would be out.

              Cafe Luxembourg is one of my standbys for pre-opera meals.

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                There are no outdoor seats at Epicerie just standing at tables.

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                  Yes there are -- I work across the street. Some of the tables are for Bar Boulud, but not all.

              2. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I think we'll probably try Cafe Ronda or Seven's or Pasha. The last two sound comparable. Any observations on which has better food? Are the prices about the same?

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                  I haven't been to the others, but Pasha is fine but not terribly exciting or flavorful. Their mezes are better than their mains, though, so just get a bunch of mezes if you go there.

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                    I think Pasha is somewhat more expensive and elegant than Seven's. Seven's is more "homestyle," I think. I eat at Seven's frequently and enjoy it very much. You can compare the menus at menupages.com

                  2. We had a great meal of tapas at Gastroarte which is at 69th and Bway. Also, it was on savour, so 30% off. You could spend whatever you want - depends on how much you eat

                    1. Indie Food and Wine is exactly what you're looking for. You order at the counter, they bring it to your table. The food is delicious and the value is excellent, especially considering the location.