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May 31, 2012 09:09 AM

Inexpensive restaurant near Lincoln Center

I'm meeting a friend for a play at Lincoln Center on Saturday afternoon, and we want to eat afterward, around 4:30. I've looked at other recommendations, but Lincoln and Bar Boulud are too pricey for us. We only want to spend around $25. p.p. (before tax and tip, not including wine). Would Indie Cafe be a good choice? Any suggestions? We don't mind walking to Amsterdam or up to the 70's. Ethnic food or American are all fine. But I would like something resembling dinner, not just a sandwich.

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  1. Inexpensive restaurants within 10 blocks of Lincoln Center:

    La Vela
    Szechuan Gourmet
    Grand Sichuan
    Fatty Crab
    Salumeria Rosi

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      Thanks for the suggestions. Which of these would you say has the best food and is a comfortable place to sit and chat?

      1. re: Lizbet

        I like Salumeria Rosi and Fatty Crab a lot. Benares is also great if you order from the seafood and vegetarian menu.

        Fairway Cafe will be nice and quiet in the early afternoon. I love the roast chicken and creamed spinach there.

        Cafe Ronda and Pasha, mentioned below, are good too. Check the websites to see if any of them will be open by 4:30.

    2. Cafe Rhonda is my go to place for Lincoln Center events. It's a bit of a walk on Columbus btw 71 & 72 but they have tasty tapas and good wines. I think if you split some things you could easily get out around $50 total w/o wine.

      1. Pasha (Turkish) At 70 West 71st could work.

        1. On 65th St. right across from Lincoln Center there Shun Lee Cafe which opens at 5:00 and Atlantic Grill are good choices.

          1. Seven's Turkish on the south side of 72nd St. just east of Broadway/Amsterdam.
            Very tasty; very comfortable; good selection. Quieter and better for talking than many of the other recs, I think.