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May 31, 2012 08:59 AM

Tijuana breakfast

I'm going to be in Tijuana for a dinner at Mision 19 in mid-June. I'll be spending the night. Where is the best place in town for a Mexican breakfast? Thanks.

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  1. Where are you staying? It's a big place, and I doubt you want to send an hour plus in traffic to go to the "best" place when the "second" best place is across the street from your hotel.

    BTW, I would be happy having breakfast at any of at least a dozen places I've been to, ( and there are probably at least 100 other great places I haven't been to). It's really about where you are staying...

    1. La Espadana is a beautiful, bustling breakfast spot serving delicious food. The Tijuana business community and middle and upper class families fill the dining rooms. They have an onsite bakery where all pastries, pies, breads and tortillas are made from scratch.

      1. I second La Espadana. If you are staying at one of the hotels relatively near Mision 19, you'll be near the Gastonomic District. La Espadana is in the heart of the District. Their cafe de olla (coffee with cinnamon) is a treat. The quality of the food is generally good all around. Be prepared to wait as it is a busy place, especially on weekends.

        There are other delights in the city from street food (breakfast burritos) to high end. I recently stayed at Hotel Lucerna (an easy walk to Mision 19) and the Sunday brunch was quite good, with all the usual suspects and some surprises like octopus salad (insanely good).

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          We will be staying at the Lucerna, so this sounds great. I have, however, been having some trouble getting a reservation confirmed for Mision 19. I've used their email form on their website and also tried calling. I haven't heard back from them via email and they haven't answered the phone number that is on their website. Anyone know anything I don't know?

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            I made a reservation via their web site. They confirmed it the day of the reservation. It was a bit disconcerting not hearing and I had just called everyone coming with me when they called to confirm.

            They do open around noon +/- for lunch/comida, if you're trying to get a dinner reservation you might stopping by earlier in the day when you hit town and confirm it in person.

            1. re: estone888

              Welcome to Mexico.

              Watch your feet because the sidewalk may be uneven and mismatched.

              Watch your head because the roof edges sticking out overhead may be uneven and low.

              And, by the way, your phone messages might not be returned because the employee/establishment might be intimidated about calling you back because they don't speak perfect English.

          2. What day of the week will you be there? Because if you're there at the weekend—Friday Saturday Sunday—then the best breakfast is at Barbacoa La Ermita, across the street from Tacos Salceados. You have to get there early—if you show up at noon after sleeping in, you will go barbacoa-less.

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            1. re: Das Ubergeek

              Thanks. I'll be there for two breakfasts, Saturday and Sunday, so it sounds like I'm set. I did hear back from Mision 19 and have confirmed my reservation there for Saturday night. Probably go to La Querencia tomorrow night. There's some taco stands I want to hit as well. I'm going to need to do an awful lot of walking around if I'm capable after all this eating.

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                Barbacoa La Ermita does have good, well, babacoa. It is certainly a unique experience. Where else can you eat that, during the rest of the week, is someone's driveway and front yard?

                If you get there in the late morning and spend some time walking around afterwards, you can go to Tacos Salceados, which opens at noon. Pretty hard to beat their unique style of tacos. But then you need to save room for dinner...