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May 31, 2012 08:03 AM

Take-out mexican from sunset park or environs for big group

I am having a party with about 25 guests and want to get good Mexican take-out to serve over the course of the evening. Can anyone recommend a restaurant to get good take-out in Sunset Park or Park Slope. Even better, please recommend dishes that will be good over course of evening and won't be soggy for late-arriving guests.

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  1. it seems like the obvious answer is tacos. im pretty positive that if you called (or maybe walked in) to either Tacos Matamoros or Tacos el bronco (my favorite, definitely less english spoken that at TM) they could arrange this pretty easily. Id imagine that you'd want a couple of half pans ("trays" in nyc catering parlance) of various meats, which would not suffer terrible from being reheated or held (stew-ier things like barbacoa, carnitas etc over crispier items) some tortillas which could be steamed en masse to reheat (at the taqueria they'd slather them in oil and throw em on a plancha, but if your meats greasy and delicious enough you'll be fine. seriously, meat, tortillas, onion/cilantro and salsa. tacos for a big group couldnt be a better fit for what you need.

    1. Tacos Matamoros does do a nice job of catering. I would think enchiladas or quesedillas (plus rice and beans) or chicken (they do it several ways) would probably do well over the course of an evening.