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May 31, 2012 07:54 AM

New York City to Ban Big Sodas at Restaurants, Food Carts

Personally, I've never really thought of sodas as particularly Chowish and think 40 ounces of it is just gross, but I know many people live on the stuff. What do Chowhounds think of this?

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  1. They should shut down Katz deli and most of chinatown, too much sodium.

    1. Buy two 20 ounces.

      Ban caffeine, too, which is in most sodas; then espresso!

      Shut down the coffee shops/houses - or, are there any anymore? I only ask because of my interest in coffee houses.

      1. It's a health issue not a food issue, with a strong political aspect. The other threads on sugar have made clear that this is a hot-button issue. My view is that the proposal doesn't go far enough to do what needs to be done

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            What's next...the size of my steak?

          2. It's a symbolic gesture really. Large bottles will still be readily available in convenience stores, and restaurants will still offer refills. I also don't see how it can be enforced - there are so many exceptions, restaurants will still keep larger cups on hand and can claim they are only for water, diet beverages, unsweetened tea, etc...

            1. I can see, and have been in favor of the ban on smoking in restaurants and other places as I am not a smoker and cigarette/cigar smoke makes me gag--it is also extremely unhealthy to those in the smokers' surrounding areas. Now--the issue with the oversized beverages is just too "big brotherish". Although I don't drink much soda at all (save for the occassional diet soda), I am too "frugal" to purchase an oversized one when I would be able to purchase a 2 liter bottle for much less. That being said, I don't think most people live off the oversized sodas. If they do, then the soda is NOT the only bad beverage OR food item they are living on. If someone is at an amusement park..and it is a hot day...and they did not bring water, there is nothing fatally wrong withe the purchase of one of those sodas. I think Bloomberg is going off his rocker on this one. Just my opinion.

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                Yeah but what about second hand CO2 from the bubbles, won't someone think of the children! (<-to quote Homer Simpson, 'In case you can't tell Marge, I'm being sarcastic').