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Where can I get a Ploughman's lunch/plate?

Cheese, bread, mustard, something pickled... I had one last year at the People's Pint in Greenfield- a little out of the way. I've been craving one ever since. Seen any on menus in the Boston area?? Thanks!!

If you're ever out by Greenfield, make it a point to stop by the People's Pint- great beer + food.

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  1. The Burren in Davis Square does a Ploughman's,

    1. I haven't been there, but I've read that the Boston Cheese Cellar in Roslindale has a good version.

      1. City Feed in JP does it as well..

        1. i think The Gallows in South End has one?

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            They do have one at the Gallows --
            There is a ploughman's sandwich on the menu at the Wholy Grain a few blocks over as well.

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              The Gallows indeed does a Ploughman's (with charcuterie), and a Farmer's (vegetarian), and a Longshoreman's (with seafood) -- called boards, actually, as the serving vessel is a slab of wood. They're some of their better everyday menu items, I think.

              A traditional ploughman's appears pretty regularly on the Ashmont Grill's dinner menu, too.


            2. James Gate in JP used to ...

              1. Stones Public House in Ashland has/had one. I never tried it though. Good beers on tap too.

                1. Old Spot in Salem has it on their menu.

                  1. Ashmont Grill in Dorchester has it.

                    1. Saloon in Davis has one.

                      1. Sel De La Terre has various cheese and charcuterie boards.