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May 31, 2012 07:24 AM

Chicago: your Girl and the Goat recommendations?

For an upcoming graduation dinner for four, we are going to pre-order a set menu at The Girl and the Goat. Looking at the menu, I'm attracted to shisito peppers, chickpea fritters and grilled baby octopus as starters. I'm also intrigued by goat itself, but don't know if they'll dedicate a portion to us for our small group.

Any chowhound recommendations as to "must haves" or "must avoids" on the menu?

Thanks for your advice.

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  1. Crispy. Pig. Face!! (if on menu). Get the breads, you pay but boy oh boy are they good. Escargot ravioli and I see Skuna Bay salmon is on menu. Get it too.

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      Any breads in particular worth the splurge?

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        I thought the escargot ravioli didn't taste like much other than salt, sadly.

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          Thank you. Since I don't eat seafood ... what are the ham frites like? Ham with french fries?

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            Ham Frites are amazing! The ham salt is addictive! Rub it on your gums for an amazing effect!

        2. Finally checked this place out two weeks ago. LOVED the grilled baby octopus. Lots of ingredients but oh boy was it good. Also particularly liked the goat empanadas with feta and hummus, but there were no duds. Can't wait to go back.

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            OP here with a report from last night's dinner. We pre-ordered at $85 per person and gave the chef complete discretion. Also let the sommelier match the menu with some input beforehand of wines that we enjoy. Spectacular evening of 9-10 dishes and 3 perfectly matched wines!

            * warm pretzel bread with various flavored butters. Homey and delicious.
            * a taste of scallops, ok
            * arugula salad with creamy dressing (a playful version of the Japanese classic) and shaved kohlrabi
            * sautéed and carmelized cauliflower, a winner
            * tuna crudo,, fine
            * beef cheeks, wonderful
            * hamachi crudo with bacon, my favorite
            * pork shoulder on the bone, carved at the table, terrific
            * assortment of 4 desserts, I was too sated to move forward with these

            Wines started with my favorite Greek white, Asstyrtiko, followed by a Meursault and then an elegant Pinot Noir from California, Radio Coteau. The sommelier was friendly and helpful throughout.

            All in all, a wonderful evening at this packed and bustling place. We didn't want to look at the menu or make any choices while there. The restaurant came through with flying colors.

          2. Just got back from Chicago trip including dinner in the bar at Girl and Goat. Definitely get the chickpea fritters -- one of our 2 favorites, along with the wood smoked oysters. While the grilled octopus was good, it was probably my least favorite of things we ordered. All of the veg dishes we had were standouts -- skipped other meat/fish as the veg sounded so good -- and were.

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              I have to agree. The vegetable dishes we have had there far outshone the meat dishes. The shishito peppers, BTW, were awesome.