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May 31, 2012 07:03 AM

Downtown Crossing Area at Night?

I find myself at Downtown Crossing on Thursday evenings and was wondering what folks might suggest for eats. Looking for good quality & value, not fancy. We eat everything.

I'm on School Street, and would like to keep it within a few blocks radius.

Number 9 park, Moo, ( both amazing) and Ruth's Chris ( beautiful space, overpriced food) are definitely out of the budget. The bar at the Parker House is overpriced for what it is. I heard that the Marliave has $1 oysters, but I have not been there since the mid 1970's.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Grotto, Teatro, Silvertone's, Marliave, Blue, Inc. ...

    1. Marliave, JM Curley's, Stoddard's and Petit Robert should all fit the bill.

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      1. re: mkfisher

        How about cheaper than those places? Pizza? Thai?

        1. re: aregularjoe

          Took Razdora off, as probably closes too early for you. Haven't been, but I see Thai Bistro: Montien Thai is over in the theater district.

          1. re: Taralli

            Thanks for the suggestions.

            Casa Razdora is closes at 5PM. and is a bit to far away.

            MonTien is possibility but is a bit further than I was hoping for. If I am going to walk this far I would likely head to chinatown for better value. I always thought this place was for tourists and suburban yahoo's going to the theater. Can anyone else speak for this place?

            Just looked at the menu. $13 for Pad Thai. No Thanks!

            1. re: aregularjoe

              If $13 is too much for you, you are looking at the Tri-factor of McD's, BK, and Wendy's. Wendy's new side dishes actually look pretty good...
              $10 will get you Fries, hamburger and a drink at Uburger. If you go no fries, bring your own drink, maybe $6.

              1. re: tysonmcneely

                Thank you for your positive contribution to the thread.

                1. re: aregularjoe

                  You are very welcome. As you can see, I'm not the only one that thought you were setting $13 as a price point. Also Uburger is a pretty good burger, which was been discussed a lot on this board. (I will admit there are varying opinions.)

                  I would suggest looking at the menu of JM Curley's, and if that is above your price point, there is also Sidebar, which I believe has 10 cent wings. (They are little mini wings though, and this deal may only be available at certain times.)

                  Please realize that you are setting a very specific set of Criteria, we are just trying to narrow down what you are looking for.

              2. re: aregularjoe

                I think Montien is excellent; be sure to ask for the Thai menu. Items may be priced a little high. Dok Bua charges $11 for pad thai but the quality is there and I get takeout quite a bit from them, pretty fair sushi..not creative but traditional; good quality fish.

                For pub type or apps, I like Max & Dylan's on West St..full disclosure..I'm in often enough that I'm friendly with staff and owners which may get a bigger drink than you but the food should be the same...crowded Thurs night

                Cheaper options..Sal's Pizza on seating
                Black Seed Cafe, also on Tremont..order at counter and take a seat. I like the grilled lamb or chix plates with salad and rice.

                I'm also fan of JM Curley's, already mentioned...and if you want to spend a little more, I think Marliave, also mentioned is probably your best option in that area.

                Back Deck to open shortly on West and Washington

                Caution...I like Silvertones but it can get awfully busy on a Thurs night.

            2. re: aregularjoe

              I'm sorry, but you honestly can't expect to find a good dinner in that neighborhood for much less than $13. I believe Hot Tomatoes stays open the latest of all the pizza places, but they close at 6.

              1. re: mkfisher

                I did not set $13 as a price point. I said $13 was too much for pad thai.

                What I said was: "Looking for good quality & value, not fancy"

                1. re: aregularjoe

                  You also said less expensive than Marliave, JM Curley's, Stoddard's and Petit Robert. All of those menus have stuff in the $13-15 range. That would imply you want something less expensive than $13-15 (unless I'm missing something).

                2. re: mkfisher

                  you can try the Pizzeria Regina's in South Station, but not sure how late they open. I happen to agree with mk that your response to Tyson's response was unnecessarily harsh considering he was trying to be helpful, not sarcastic

              1. re: LeoLioness

                How about Chacaerro? I believe they are open until 7ish if not later. Or at least they used to be. Another option might be Scholars on School St.

                  1. re: Gordough

                    According to their website, Chacarero is only open until 6.

                    Sultan's Kitchen might be another option - their website doesn't have hours, but other hits on Google suggest they're open until 8:30 on weeknights. Probably best to give them a call to confirm.

                1. Thanks to those who suggested Silvertones. Walked right by it a 100 times. Its open 'till 11Pm and the prices are right. I'll try it and see what I think.

                  1. Your replies to various suggestions imply that you have more specific criteria than you outlined in your original post. Can you give some details about your geographical and budget limits?