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May 31, 2012 06:52 AM

Great Seafood in Seattle

Visiting Seattle from Boston and want to make sure that during the 5 day visit we eat at the best restaurants. We love seafood, especially when it is prepared creatively. Also, a place with a view or great atmosphere is an added bonus.

Also, for lunch we like to keep it light with healthy vegetarian food, if you have any suggestion.

Thanks so much!!!

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  1. This is a frequently asked question as a search of the board will show you. Oddly enough, there is no top-of-the-line, cutting edge seafood restaurant in Seattle, especially with a view. It's an article of faith that view restaurants in Seattle generally do not have high quality chow. That said, I suggest Ponti's Seafood Grill, located on a canal northwest of the downtown core. The best salmon I've had in Seattle was at a small family-run Japanese restaurant, Tsukushinbo, in the International District--alas, the classically prepared salmon belly is a special only so no guarantee they will even have it. Service can be slow. Order off the specials menu. For lunch, I suggest going to the ID and trying Green Leaf, a Vietnamese restaurant. Try the green mango salad, with either boiled or grilled shrimp or grilled tofu. or one of the vermicelli bowls--can't remember if you can get them with tofu, but the shrimp paste on sugar cane is very good. Add a bowl of rice and you have yourself a light but healthy vegetarian or veg with seafood lunch.

    1. Just about any place in Seattle along the docks is going to be geared toward the tourist crowd with food appropriate for screaming kids and old people in fanny-packs. Most restaurants will have a decent seafood section (not just fish & chips), so even if seafood isn't the main focus you can still eat well. For chef driven seafood restaurants, check out "The Walrus and the Carpenter" in the Ballard neighborhood. Their focus is mainly oysters, but they do several other small plates featuring local ingredients. This place has been dominating on many local and national "best of..." lists. Also look into "Anchovies and Olives," a seafood-driven Italian restaurant from rising star chef Ethan Stowell, and "Etta's Seafood" from local celebrity chef Tom Douglas. The crabcakes here are legendary and the space has the bonus view that you wanted, which overlooks Pike Place Market.

      If you've got a good pair of walking shoes on, you can do the Pike/Pine hill climb. Both streets run parallel to each other and end at Pike Place Market. If you walk up the hill (into the Capitol Hill area) you're passing through what is arguably the most densely populated and interesting stretch of food establishments in the city. Be forewarned that Capitol Hill is known as the gay-friendly/artsy/bohemian section of Seattle, so a great restaurant might be next to a club or sex shop. Probably not the best day trip if you have kids with you, or are offended by that sort of thing.

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        Thank you so much for your help! Etta's Seafood looks fabulous and the neighborhood sounds fun! I will definitely dine there! :)

      2. +1 on Ponti Seafood Grill. it's got a nice view right on the water with outdoor dining and very good seafood. The Thai curry penne with dungeness crab and scallops is signature dish. They also do a great job on the salmon and halibut dishes. The trio of custards is my favorite dessert but the molten chocolate cake is close runner up.

        For a good vegetarian lunch or dinner Travellers Thali House on Beacon Hill is very nice. It's not big on atmosphere but the food is very good with seasonal thali specials. Last summer we had a watermelon curry on our thali which was excellent as were the other dishes.