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May 31, 2012 06:33 AM

Fresh chicken breast in Queens?

My family and I eat a great deal of meals that include chicken breast.  Could anyone please recommend places, could be butchers or stores in Queens, that sell fresh chicken breast at a reasonable price?  I'm getting tired of shopping in local supermarkets where the quality isn't that good.  I travel all around Queens so any location in the borough is fine, thanks in advance!

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  1. Any of the Asian markets in Flushing or Elmhurst. They have excellent quality chicken, always reasonably priced.

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      I'm a freshness nut, and I've been to many butchers in Queens, and I answered your other thread before seeing this one, but I would recommend Mitch at Metro Meats in Forest Hills on Metropolit--he gets deliveries several times a week, very old school butcher, loyal clientele, and great prices. He sells bell and evans chicken, the free range, not organic. There's meters out front on metrop where you can park, and he's couple blocks from Wafa's if you've never been go check her out, she's a gem.