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May 31, 2012 06:06 AM

What's going into the old Ubuntu space in Napa?

Anyone know?

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  1. I'm out in Boston, but went to Ubuntu last year with my GF and we both loved it. We're about to go out again, and have been waiting for news about their re-opening. Seeing how their web page hasn't changed in a while, I called them up. The message on the machine said that there will be news about the restaurant in the early summer.

    So it seems like there will be no Ubuntu for us. Bummer.

    1. I think the owner is still running the yoga studio part and hoping to reopen a restaurant.

        1. re: bluex

          It really sucks and is a shame. I am not a vegeterian but I love vegtables. I am almost always profoundly dissapointed by vegatarian restaurants though. But Ubuntu was innovative and delicious.We've had many memorable meals there. It seems very wrong that they are closing.

          1. re: Ridge

            The whole thing breaks my heart; I was an early proponent of the restaurant under Fox and had some enjoyable (but a bit less ethereal) meals under London. Some of Fox's creations will remain in my mind as the most memorable tastes I've ever experienced.

            There is a lot of local scuttlebutt about the owner of the building and I only hope what I hear is wrong and that something good finally comes out of all the trauma surrounding the location.

        2. Whatever was in the works there isn't happening, the space is for lease.