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May 31, 2012 05:18 AM

New Favorite Thai Restaurant

N joy Thai Restaurant at 212 Westheimer where Fabio's used to be.. small, 10-12 table restaurant, food is outstanding and matched by the friendly and attentive service.. Killer, Drunken Noodles, Pad Ka Prao and Pad Prik Khing.. One of those places u visit and while eating, ur already planning ur next trip back.. This small mom and pop is destined to succeed in spite of limited parking at store front. Lunch menu includes soup and generous entree serving for $6-795. Goodbye Nidda,,, hellooo Njoy!

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  1. Well will have to try! I almost stopped in there recently, but swung into L'Olivier next door instead, also not a bad choice. I still have V's on Dairy Ashford on my list to try. Meantime, I hit Thai Spice in the Heights not long ago and it was terrific. Soft shell crab curry with soup/salad/crunchy egg roll all for $8. Crazy good.

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      I am attaching a photo of that soft shell crab green curry with green beans, basil, jalapenos and green and red peppers Served at lunch with soup, a really fresh green salad and two small appetizer sized fried rolls for $8.95. Thai Spice on 19th Street. This dish is craveable, at least to me and you can't beat the price anywhere. The color of the curry is a lovely green, which my phone always turns to yellow for some reason.

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      1. We did not have as good experience here. The place has two parking spaces and if those are full, you have to park in a vacant lot across Shepherd and offer up some prayers before trying to cross that busy street on foot. While called Njoy Restaurant and Bar, there is no bar service, although a sign out front encourages BYOB. Inside it is warmly decorated and cozy. I ordered Pad Thai (hot) with shrimp. I did not eat most of the shrimp since they tasted too fishy for me. I asked for Sriracha sauce since the dish was not as spicy as I like, and he brought that along with 4 other types of sauces and peppers, including a vinegar sauce composed mostly of chopped Thai chilis and I really enjoyed that one. We were served by a sweet young man who looked to be about 15 but who simply could not offer information we wanted on the dishes. Although there were only two other tables occupied and both were eating, they could only come up with one lunch menu for the two of us, but I guess that's okay. After some conversation with our boy waiter, we finally understood we were to pick a soup to go with the lunch plates (this was not printed on the menu) and we had a cup of Tom-Kha-Gai which was good. In fact, I was impressed that the chicken meat in the soup was so tender and flavorful. I normally push aside the dry tasteless white meat chicken found in many Asian dishes in Houston. All in all not a place I will make a point to go back to since there are better ones in the area (including that Thai Spice noted above). But perhaps I should have ordered the curry, it seems to get raves on Yelp.

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          I ran into that kid while retrieving a pick-up order a wk or so ago and he was clueless.. I wonder how long he'll last there... I continue to be impressed with my food pics (above) and found the food and service to be consistent and stellar (short the less than prep'd new kid on the block). I prefer my thai meals "thai spicy" and when ordered that way, no addt'l spice is needed.. In fact as i type this, I can feel my scalp begin to tingle! Anyway, for me, this is my current go to thai restaurant.. lunch and dinner menu's are found in abundance at the entrance. I found darting across lower westheimer to get to my car as invigorating as the food.. Not quite the thrill of jetting across streets in lower manhattan but,, this is afterall, Houston. BTW, try the dried chili powder on noodle dishes such as Pad thai.. save the salty lime/chile sauce for other dishes, flavor appropriate.. The chef at Njoy was formerly the chef at Thai Spice in the Village before they took on the "chain" flavor (horrible at 1960/West U and off Westheimer locations (Fondren is it?). I haven't been to the heights location in ages but maybe I will revisit when in the area.

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            Did I say Shepherd? It was of course Westheimer we were mad dogging across. I did put that dried chili powder on the pad thai since I had not seen it before! I also used the Sriracha and chopped Thai chili peppers. The only condiment I didn't like so much were the jalapenos which tasted too vinegary. Odd because I always keep tons of jalapenos on hand. I wish the shrimp had been fresher.

        2. Out in Sugar Land, Thai Siam is very strongly recommended by me and my family. That place is so, so good. Was just there, and had the green papaya salad. Wonderful.

          I'm thinking about moving in across the street from Thai Siam, so that it's not such a long schlep for me.

          Too drastic?

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            Only a fellow foodie could relate!!! Maybe we could partner in a time-share!

          2. Will have to try this place! Lemon Grass in Bellaire is quite good--the chef went to CIA or LCB, I think, the food is simply amazing.