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vegan breakfast ideas

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We're currently on a rotation of pancakes, oatmeal, steel cut oats with apples in the crockpot, quinoa with pecans and blackberries, couscous with walnuts and raisins, and acai with bananas and muesli. Would love some new inspiration. Please and thanks!

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  1. Breakfast burrito? Breakfast potatoes, black beans, salsa, avocado slices and soyrizo in a tortilla?

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      mmm...I love that! thank you ferret.

    2. Just discovered soaked oats and am quite enamored. I use uncooked rolled oats, homemade cashew milk, slivered almonds, gogi and mullberries, chia seeds and grated apple. Lots of potential variations and additions possible. Combine in a bowl, cover overnight and ready to eat in morning.

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        wow--sounds incredible. Going to try that...thanks!!

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          I do something similar, but with dates and almonds. I also use rice milk. It's great!

        2. Cinnamon buns (without eggs or butter)?
          If you're in the South, grits. :)
          Other baked goods, like banana-nut muffins or cherry strudel.
          Granola / granola bars
          Dry cereal (I like Cracklin' Oat Bran as a snack myself)
          Stewed-prune compote
          Cinnamon-raisin toast (no butter)
          Biscuits with soy-crumble gravy -- not sure what you'd do to replace the milk/cream, though.
          Congee (rice porrige)
          Wheat porrige (cream of wheat)
          Scones or Welsh cakes, with appropriate substitutions.

          (I've heard that ground flaxseed can substitute for eggs in baking but haven't tried it myself).

          1. Not that many great vegan breakfast ideas that are quick to prep and not too sugary / carb laden (compared to the options that open up when you eat eggs). A few things that I like for breakfast:

            * muffins (make a batch, then freeze them); sometimes eat with nut butter or peanut butter.
            * savory porridge - make rice porridge (congee) or steel cut oats (this can be made in a rice-cooker with a timer, or you can make in advance and re-heat). Top with green onion, and a pinch of salt, and add some of the great toppings that are vegan available at the Chinese market - jarred wheat gluten puffs (with or without peanuts), pickled bamboo with chili (some brands have lactic acid - not sure if derived from beets or from dairy, but watch out if this is a big concern, fermented tofu cubes, pickled radish, pickled 'lettuce', etc.
            * Also, you can get some vegetarian frozen pancakes at the Asian market that are pretty good. I eat the Wei-Chuan radish pie a lot, as well as a "toona" pie (this is pretty plain tasting, but has some kind of herb or leaf in it).
            * Toaster waffles, or pre-make / freeze vegan waffles.

            Tofu scrambles, chilaquiles (with or without tofu). are also great, but I find tend to be more prep intensive than I want for weekday breakfasts when I'm in a hurry.

            1. Since the weather has gotten warmer, I've been on a green smoothie breakfast kick. Just toss items in a blender with a couple of ice cubes and you're done. I use either baby spinach or kale as the "green" and a frozen banana, plus 1/4-1/2 cup almond milk as the smoothie base. My favorite add ins include a tbs of almond butter, vanilla protein powder, and a handful of frozen blueberries. You can really get creative with whatever you have in the kitchen. And although the drink doesn't look beautiful, it's actually pretty delicious.


              1. For a weekend, try scrambled tofu (scramble fry soft tofu with green onion, salt, and a small pinch of turmeric) with herb roasted potatoes.

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                    tofu scramble

                    I know a little lunch sounding but it's my fav breakfast item so far with tofu...little olive oil on the pan..

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                      sounds deliciously breakfasty to me!

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                    This is a staple around here. I use mushrooms and spinach with some garlic, nutritional yeast, and salt and pepper. I've also done a green chile and corn in a tortillas with salsa. Sometimes we do Ezekiel bread with a freezer jam.

                  3. Inspired by the Asian section of breakfasts buffets when I travel, I will often make a variation of miso soup with diced scallions, tofu and assorted vegetables, sprinkled with wakame. For a heartier version I will add rice noodles.

                    When tomatoes are at peak season I am known to go on a long run of tomato sandwiches for breakfast. Sliced tomatoes on whole wheat toast with spinach, sprouts, hummus and whatever sliced veggies I have on hand. While I try to avoid having too much processed meat substitutes, a slice of smoked vegan turkey or ham works quite well here.

                    I tend to have one or two sandwich spreads on hand (egg-less salad, un-tuna-salad, 'chick' salad or ground cashew/carrot salad) and make a sandwich with spinach or lettuce for an on-the-go breakfast.

                    I will also make a salad and fruit plate with a slice of toast for breakfast.

                    I make a 'sausage patty" with with mashed beans, oatmeal, egg replacer, ground flax seed and whatever seasoning I have on hand. I found an Italian sausage seasoning that works well. I had to play around with the ingredients for the right texture and seasoning. I make enough for a few days. In the morning, I saute a patty and in a separate pan I will steam a variety of greens and vegetables. Serve the pattie on top of the greens and drizzle with a good miso ginger dressing. We try to incorporate "greens and beans' into our diet as much as possible and I found this works for a good hearty breakfast.

                    Our Sunday family breakfast usually includes hash browns, slow roasted tomato, tofu scramble and/or a 'sausage' patty, fruit salad and toast.

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                      windsor, thanks! I would love your recipes for eggless, untuna, chick salad and ground cashew carrot salad if you have a free moment. thanks for the inspiration!

                    2. I find half a toasted whole-grain English muffin (I like the multigrain ones from Trader Joe's, which are reasonably high in fiber and protein) spread with natural peanut or almond butter, perhaps with a little drizzle of honey or a spoonful of preserves or fruit spread, very satisfying along with a piece of fruit. Ditto a sliced apple spread with peanut or almond butter and sprinkled with cinnamon.

                      Hummus in a sandwich or wrap with veggies (or just spread on warmed pita) is also a nice breakfast.

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                        Honey isn't vegan. Not trying to be rude, just more of an FYI.

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                          Yes, of course; I realize that and noticed after the fact that I'd mentioned it in this thread. Obviously, I'm not vegan, but that doesn't affect my recommendation, subtracting the honey, and I hope no one minds my error. It's not rude to make the point at all, in my book!

                      2. I always get into a breakfast rut too, so I keep an inspirational list:

                        Toast or English Muffin with Almond Butter and an orange
                        Oatmeal with stewed prunes
                        Wheatberries with scallions, soy sauce, and sesame oil
                        Baked beans on toast
                        Miso soup with bok choy
                        Quinoa, berry, and nuts bowl
                        ful medames
                        Avocado and tomato on toast
                        oatmeal topped with mushrooms, peas/greens, black pepper
                        Bob's Red Mill Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal with molasses
                        Lentil soup
                        Grapenuts with almond milk and berries or banana
                        roasted potatoes and peppers with refried beans
                        beans, guacamole, and veggies in a whole wheat tortilla

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                          Mm - love ful medames, and that's also quick and easy if you're using canned ful. Not everyone's cup of, well, breakfast, but that is when it's traditionally eaten. Non vegans might like to include a boiled egg as well.

                        2. Black bean patties ~ Purée black beans with breadcrumbs, spices & apple cider vinegar then cook in a pan with a little oil.

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                          1. I'm also into green smoothies for breakfast - unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/2 a small banana, some romaine, TONS of baby spinach, maybe some cantaloupe or some peanut butter - if you use berries, it'll come out a little gray, but if you use cantaloupe/some other light-colored fruit, it'll be beautiful and bright green and you won't taste the spinach strongly at all.

                            Otherwise, why not go the Asian breakfast route as someone suggested (I loved eating noodles w/tons of veg when we were in China), and/or think outside the breakfast-food box? I often eat leftover dinner items for breakfast - they tend to have lots of protein and fiber and keep me more full for longer than oats and other traditional breakfast fare.


                            1. We make tofu scrambles every Sunday, I find them to be very easy and flexible. Basically crumble up some tofu, add some nutritional yeast, a little turmeric, mustard and whatever herbs you like. Saute any vegs you happen to have on hand, then add the tofu and stir around until hot. Tastes much better than it sounds. I'm a meat eater, and I happily eat this alongside my vegan husband.

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                              1. In addition to all of the excellent ideas above, I'll toss in the idea of vegan crepes. There are many recipes out there. I make a batch and freeze them if there are any left. We fill them with fresh fruit that we get at our local farmers market (berries, peaches, apples, etc.), serve them with maple syrup, jam or a little melted chocolate. We also use them with a mixture of sauteed spinach, a little "cheese sauce" and some soy based sour cream for a more savory treat. (Just leave any sweeteners out of the crepes recipe if you go this route.)
                                I used to make vegan pancakes and French toast, but am trying to diet and found them a bit heavy for the morning. None the less, there are some excellent recipes for both of those familiar treats.
                                In the summer, I do a lot of smoothies and find that they really start the day off right. I do not use a recipe and just toss in whatever I have, sometimes adding almond milk and sometimes adding juice.
                                Love all of the great ideas here. Thanks for starting this topic.

                                1. we love almond or sunny butter and banana and or apple sandwiches on whole grain bread for breakfast. It keeps us going for many hours,

                                  1. Got a Vitamix or blentec.

                                    Drink your breakfast ...

                                    4oz of pomgranete juice
                                    4oz water
                                    few frozen blueberries, few frozen cherries, few frozen mango chunks
                                    big handful of baby kale
                                    1tablespoon chia seeds

                                    blend, drink & enjoy yum !!!

                                    1. i like sandwich with salads with sausages

                                      1. During the cooler weather I make muffins (blueberry, apple/peanut butter, banana/nut, etc) and a variety of breakfast breads (sweet potato/pecan/cranberry, zucchini/tahini, etc.) I usually make them one evening or on the weekend and then they last several days. Sometimes we have open-face peanut butter and fruit spread on toast for breakfast.

                                        1. Fried potatoes with salsa. Mesa Sunrise from Nature's Path with bananas, strawberries, or currants and almond mylk.

                                          When traveling we sometimes have chips with salsa or rice cakes with hummus or nut butter; or cookies and fruit (banana, apple, cherries, grapes).

                                          1. Or left-over brown rice with fruit and cinnamon and a little almond mylk.

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                                            1. Smashed avocado, grilled tomato, lemon juice, salt and cracked pepper on grainy toast.

                                              Bananas rolled/filled with almond/peanut butter and (optional) honey and rolled in nuts/muesli/coconut/chia/flax seeds.

                                              Rasberries and blue berries with chia and vegan milk
                                              Orange, peach and passionfruit
                                              Banana and peanut butter

                                              This girl has tons http://kblog.lunchboxbunch.com/ <check her out there are so good

                                              Also chia pudding, soaked chia seeds in almond milk it goes all fluffy and cool

                                              Homemade vegan bars with dates and nuts etc

                                              Tofu mushroom, peppers, tomatoes scramble

                                              Try this cookie dough (healthy!) vegan breakfast bowl http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2012...

                                              It's amazing! Good luck <3

                                              (I know some vegans who eat honey so that's why it's optional <3 )