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May 30, 2012 11:13 PM

Meat BBQ Company-Lacey Rd-Forked River

Anyone try this yet?


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  1. Over the weekend I went to the Popcorn Zoo near by. I would have stopped here if I knew about it. I'll add it to my list of places to hit.

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      Have ordered out from there a few times. Good ribs, very spicy sausage, and the pulled pork is nice. Brisket's a bit dry. Overall, been pretty happy with the food so far. They have a pig roast happening for Father's Day, FYI.

      1. re: johnandlisa

        close by ...I must give it a shot soon....Thanx...

        looks like it close to Mud City Crab House on Lacey Rd/Rt9

    2. Got take out from here yesterday. The place is in the same building as the Goddard School. Very small place. To order at the counter is very awkward because there are tables placed directly against it. If there were people seated at the tables, we would not have been able to approach the counter. The counter itself is opposite the door (approx 10 ft) when you enter. There is no hostess station per se. Anyway we ordered an appetizer of Pig Candy, which is smoked bacon. If it was candied, I couldn't tell but it was delicious. You get 5 strips of bacon for 6.99 which is sort of expensive if you ask me. My husband ordered the Two Meat Platter, choosing Pulled Pork and Brisket, both were tender and smoky tasting. He was very happy with the meats. It came with two sides and he chose baked beans and onion rings. The baked beans were slightly liquidy, we both prefer them thicker, but there were shreds of pulled pork throughout and they had that same smoked taste. The beans were a winner! The onion rings were coated in cornmeal then fried. They had that weird grainy coating, you could feel each grain of the cornmeal. And they were super greasy. They must have been placed directly from the fryer into the small brown lunchbag they give you to take them home in. The bottom of the bag was so full of oil, they left a puddle of grease on my kitchen table. Onion rings, not that great. I ordered one half slab of St. Louis Ribs, with Sweet potato fries and Mac and Cheese as my sides. Ribs were very tender, they fell off the bone as you ate them. I know many people believe properly cooked ribs should have some chew, but these did not. The other odd thing about the ribs is they did not have any smoke ring, did not taste of smoke and also were not seasoned at all. It was almost like they were baked plain in the oven then drizzled with some bbq sauce. Quite a disappointment. The menu describes them as dry rubbed then smoked. There was no way these were either of them. The sweet potato fries were bland and greasy and the mac and cheese, while not covered in Velveeta, in no way compared to homemade.

      My husband would absolutely eat here again, I am not so sure. I have attached some pictures.


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          According to a review on Yelp, it looks like they closed this past February. Haven't been past there to see if anything opened in its place.

          1. re: Jerseygirl111

            Thanx I think the sign is still there...