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May 30, 2012 10:21 PM

Nantucket 2012

Planning a midweek getaway with my wife next week. Anything new or different for the year? We havent been to nantucket in years, and are open to almost any type of cuisine. I was hoping for one affordable dinner and one slightly pricier option.

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  1. Have a blast. Not sure what "affordable" means as it's pretty subjective but I think I'd recommend Oran Mor again. Ask for the roof top balcony for two. What about Black Eyed Susan's for a meal? I liked Lola41 for drinks and might go back for sushi.

    1. Did you do a search 02903? And you may be in luck (I don't know your exact dates): Nantucket Restaurant Week is June 4-10. Check out their website for specifics and participating restaurants. There are some great deals to be had. Yes, Black Eyed Susan's is one of my favorites (BYOB) and Centre Street Bistro, too (also BYOB). Both are downtown. There are new things afoot in the restaurant world here: Met On Main taking over the former Even Keel spot on Main St (but not open until July), SeaDog Brewing Co. is where the former Atlantic Cafe and Cy's were. Cru is the new hot spot where the Ropewalk used to be. Fog Island opened a branch out of town at the former Cinco spot. High End: Oran Mor, The Pearl. Affordable (that is, Nantucket "affordable"): Black Eyed Susan's, Lola 41, Fog Island, 12 Degrees East (former Cambridge St Victuals spot).

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        was over for winefest.....went to Oran Mor, Ventuno (best meal last year) and Pazzo. Didn't like Oran Mor, but agree that the outdoor terrace table for 2 is awesome...your meal won't suck. Ventuno was really good....not as good as last year but excellent. Pazzo was good.

        as far as "affordable" Oran Mor is not in this class...don't take that recommendation. I actually like the Seagrille for a downscaled place that has good food. Pi Pizza is good too - eat there, don't do take out. Club Car is really good but you'll spend a little more. Get a long list of restaurants and look at the menus online....a good way to do it, or as soon as you get there, get the two books of menus for free at the stop and shop.