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May 30, 2012 09:39 PM

Napa on the 4th! Which wineries will be open?

6 of us from Michigan will be staying in Napa over the 4th of July. We all work in an upscale restaurant and want to indulge in Napa's best. Are there recommendations of wineries to visit that are open on the holiday? What would your ideal itinerary consist of that day? Wine and food ideas for us "foodies and winos" would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What is your budget for tastings? Or for bottles? Are you willing to make appointments?

    Tastings can range in Napa from $15 - $100 pp (though at the $100 price point a tour or food or both is included).

    Bottles range in price from about $35 - $160.

    Most of the smaller wineries in Napa are by appointment.

    Same with restaurants...what is your budget? There's a few places at about $225+ pp (just food). Many at about $100 pp (just food), and a few in the $50pp and under range.

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      Neither money nor making appointments is an issue. The sky is the limit! We're looking for unique wine and food tasting experiences.

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        Some thoughts. FYI, if you don't buy any wine, and you keep the wine list picks reasonable at the restaurants, the food and wine budget will probably be $750-1000 pp per day. Many on this board say they have no problem going to an appt and not buying any wine, I always feel a little self-conscious about that (though that's my own issues). If you start buying wine, this could easily become a $3,000+ pp per day type trip with some of these recs.

        Not sure what's open on the 4th, you'll have to call and check, but a few should be open....

        Off the top of my head (and in random order):

        Formal Dining/16 course tasting menus
        French Laundry (getting a reservation is a pain)

        Not quite as formal;

        Redd Wood

        Wineries (all appt only):
        Alpha Omega (appt tasting, not general tasting)
        Mondavi (reserve tasting/appt only, not general tasting)
        Andreson's Conn Valley
        Joseph Phelps
        Chateau Montelena (library tasting)

        Beringer (reserve tasting)
        BV (reserve tasting)

        Howell Mountain (appt only):

        Spring Mountain (appt only):
        Robert Keenan
        Smith Madrone

    2. In good weather, tasting at Robert Sinskey (near Yountville) on the patio, or buying a bottle from them and consuming it on the patio, is a pleasure. Not sure if you have to reserve for certain size of group. The tastings are accompanied by small bites that are quite good and they also offer a good tour of the cellars/caves that you do need to reserve in advance. I recently spent part of an afternoon there and had dinner at Oenotri in downtown Napa. Pretty great day.

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        Thank you for all the shared "secrets". Please keep them coming!