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May 30, 2012 09:33 PM

Oriental Gourmet House 12 Temperance St

Does anyone know if they have found a new place yet? They were the best and cheapest place to get good authentic chinese food in Financial District. I miss it :(

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  1. I would like to know as well. My coworker just tried calling but "out of service". Wanted to order a party tray for a work potluck. Alternative suggestions appreciated, maybe Spring Rolls?

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      1. re: T Long

        Thanks T Long. I looked into Spring Rolls, Szechuan Szechuan, Longos, and Hong Shing. Spadina Garden looked promising but OGH still had the lowest prices (small tray about $25, large tray $30). My coworker likes Lee Town (bring on the flak). Despite their menu doesn't indicate party trays, and that delivery is only after 5pm and free if over $15, she struck a deal for 2 medium party trays (1 noodle, 1 meat) to be delivered free before 12pm. So i guess you can call comparable restos to see if they'll do the same. Now i know OGH and Lee Town don't have the greatest food, but for a potluck we don't even care for, it suits our needs if you know what i mean.

        1. re: Little T

          I guess your enquiry at Longos was not for Chinese food;) Wondering why you didn't ask for a quote from one of the numerous food court establishments in the PATH, etc.

            1. re: julesrules

              I was thinking more of places like Manchu Wok. Szechuan Szechuan is primarily a full size/service restaurant at FCP.

              1. re: T Long

                Szechuan Szechuan probably does more takeout and delivery to offices then sit in restaurant serving. They have an extremely extensive takeout/delivery menu and is the go to delivery food place for our office of 60+ people.. Spring Rolls is disgusting and not not "chinese food".. quality is terrible and I'm not even someone who cares about authenticity as I love asian fusion but I wouldnt eat at Spring Rolls if it was free..

                1. re: charlo1108

                  You're probably correct. But, I've heard a rumour from many different sources, which leads me to believe that there is truth in it, that Szechuan Szechuan is closing at FCP in the very near future. Don't know how that will impact on their food court locations, which are very far from the real thing that the eat-in restaurant has to offer.

    1. I just started the same post. Should have searched first. Restnome85 here's something to tide you over till you find our friends from OGH again.