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May 30, 2012 09:00 PM

Sush restaurant in Beverly Hills

Any suggestion for a fabulous japanese food in Beverly Hills area?

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  1. i like Yu&Mi Sushi on Santa Monica Blvd between Rodeo and Beverly Drives...

    1. Unless you are going to Uraswa, in my opinion nothing comes close to Sushi Sushi on Beverly just north of Olympic.

      PS. I'm not wrong.

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          Bob (or Thor123 or any other hound), have you tried the Chef's special lunch omakase for $24? See it here: http://www.sushisushibh.com/menu.html (click on "combinations")

          1. re: Servorg

            No. Never gotten out of there under $40 ish for lunch. Their seared O-toro is really special.

            1. re: Thor123

              Then given your experience the more expensive special with 10 sushi pieces, plus one cut roll for $32 seems like it would be a good deal (depending of course on the quality of the fish).

              1. re: Servorg

                For $24, I may be willing to take one for the team. :-) Just need to carve out a lunch hour sometime next week.

                I'm not going to go in with high expectations though, as my experiences at Kiriko (which, based on previous threads mentioning both places, seems preferred over Sushi Sushi) between their $24 Deluxe Jou Sushi moriawase and their much, much better $40 lunch sushi omakase, would seem to indicate that even a place that serves amazing sushi for omakase can still serve mediocre lunch specials.

                One thing going for the Sushi Sushi $24 combination is that the 8 pieces are chef's choice, vs Kiriko's moriawase, which are set pieces ("Tuna, toro, yellowtail, albacore, house-smoked salmon, red snapper, fresh water eel and tuna roll or spicy tuna roll"). If they're made one piece at a time rather than all together on a platter, that'd bode well too.

                1. re: PeterCC

                  Pricing seems very fair when you consider that they are listing (at least on the website - without knowing how up-to-date the prices are) Chu-toro: $6.50 and O-toro: $9.50

                  1. re: Servorg

                    I will try to check it out and report back soon.

                    1. re: Servorg

                      The prices are definitely not cheap, o-toro at 19 bucks for two pieces is commensurate with Mori or other high-end sushi bars.

                      For a second I thought it was extremely cheap, then I realized the prices were per each piece of sushi, not the usual duo.

                      If it was for two pieces, I would so go there on the double, make that on the triple, even though my funding resources are scarce right abouts now to put it lightly.

                    2. re: PeterCC

                      Why keep subjecting oneself to (possible) lunch mediocrity chock full of ennui? Tuna, albacore, yellowtail, salmon + a roll on rinse/repeat...

                      Can't grasp the MO behind this. It's hard to chase the sushi bootie, and the frequency with which others post/eat/instagram/tweet may depress a sushi-hound. But this settling of lunch bargains is a total bummer.

                      1. re: TonyC

                        I'm really treating my sushi expeditions as two separate animals: omakase and regular meals. I had Kiriko's $14.50 three hand roll lunch today; I'd spend just as much at Plan Check (on my to-try list) or Umami Burger for a "regular" lunch, so to me, it's just another choice.

                        I'd treat the $24 lunch in question at Sushi Sushi the same way, even though it's a little bit more than the above places. While I say I'm not going in with high expectations, I'm still hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

                        (I am, as J.L. suggested in another thread, eschewing the middle-ground lunch sushi omakase at Kiriko for a while in order to save up for a real omakase experience there, or somewhere else, but I don't think spending $15-$25 for a lunch, that just happens to be sushi, compromises on that goal.)

                        1. re: PeterCC

                          My bad, JL already made the same point here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8508...

                          It's a thin line between $24 "set" lunch and a $40 lunch "omakase"... Then again, I'm just hungry/jealous cuz I had a banana + huge mug of macha for lunch. Damn the SOs for having to eat as well.

                          1. re: TonyC

                            Yep, and I do appreciate the points you both are trying to make. It is a fine line, and I'm trying to walk it best I can. $14.50 hand rolls are firmly within "regular" lunch territory; $40 "omakase" lunches are definitely not (at my pay).

                            $24 sushi combos, not so sure which way it falls, but in my exuberance perhaps I offered too quickly to try Sushi Sushi. It is quite out of the way for me for lunch on a workday, whereas Kiriko is (for better or for worse) not. If BSW6490 is going to go, then maybe I'll sheepishly bow out.

                            (You have more than one significant other? Or are you counting other family members as well?)

                              1. re: TonyC

                                the mug of matcha sounds good though, especially if it's the really good stuff, which, it most definitely probably is.

                          2. re: PeterCC

                            You pinned the tail on the donkey... I hate places that don't offer it piece by piece, which is why I usually stay away from set combo or sushi plates at most sushi bars around town.

                2. Kiyono Sushi on Beverly Drive. Sit with Kawasaki San and let him do his thing.

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                  1. re: trojans

                    Wow, Kawasaki-san sounds very familiar if he is indeed the chef that used to work for Shibutani-san of Shibucho fame at the old location in Yoahan plaza, at 333 Alameda in downtown, and once Shibutani left and Shibucho closed, the space became a joint called Kawacho, which I believed was manned by Kawasaki if that's the same Kawasaki, and now the location is Sushi 55 or Sushi Go 55, I believe.

                    1. re: kevin

                      That's the very same Kawasaki.

                    2. re: trojans

                      I have found it to be just ok. A bit less expensive but not in the same class as Sushi Sushi.

                      1. re: Thor123

                        I have to disagree. The omakase by Kawasaki at Kiyono is superior to that of Sushi Sushi in its creativity, taste, price and attitude. I can't speak for anything but the omakase. I never impose anything on him I just sit down and eat and eat and ea, whatever he chooses to serve met. My bill is usually around $65-$75.