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Dec 1, 2003 01:32 AM

Dinner in Woodland Hills

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant for dinner in or near Woodland Hills? We're a group of ten people from Orange County who'll be visiting the Valley this weekend. Preferences are Italian or Asian food, though all recommendations are welcome.

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  1. Hi Sandybee, Since Woodland Hills is in the greater Los Angeles area, please repost your request to the Los Angeles board. The LA hounds will likely come to your rescue!


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      I live in Woodland Hills and you can always get a good meal at Kate Mantilini's (new). Also, I love Maggiano's for, what else, Italian food served family-style. If Chinese is your cup of tea, I loooove Yang Chow on Topanga Blvd. try the slippery shrimp. Out at the Commons, it's King Bros for fish. If a more natural setting is your thing you must head for Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga and eat outside. It has been hit and miss for me there tho'. Hope this helps.