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May 30, 2012 07:32 PM

Bread and Pickle

Went to Bread & Pickle tonight at the Lake Harriet Bandshell--first time getting any food there. My dining companions were 3 and 1, so they got a hot dog, a grilled cheese, and some cheese curds. I got a mahi taco ($5). I wasn't impressed by any of it. It wasn't super busy, and I wonder if everything had been sitting around for a while, because nothing was particularly hot when we got it. The cheese curds had too much breading, and they also seemed overpriced at $7. The grilled cheese was very plain, and the kids seemed to be fine with it. My mahi taco ($5) was particularly disappointing. It must have been sitting around, because whatever sauce was on it had soaked through the two tortillas, and it fell apart before I was halfway finished. It was oversauced with whatever mayo-based condiment was on it, and whatever the fish was marinated in was too strong--I couldn't really discern any fish taste at all.

On the plus side, everything was compostable. And the lemonade was good, if a little sweet.

So far, Bread & Pickle is my least favorite of the park dining options in Minneapolis--Sea Salt and even Tin Fish are much better in quality and value. (At B&P tonight there was a nicoise salad on the menu--for $16.) This is really disappointing, since B&P is my closest option, and I love walking over for a concert on a nice summer night. I think I'm better off bringing my own food next time.

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  1. Clancey's for a sandwich. Linden Hills Coop for some picnic snacks. Ba da bing. City of Minneapolis should allow some hungry food truck operators to work the parks. I'd take a Chef Shack tongue taco any day of the week...

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      I noticed a food truck - unfortunately I forget which one - down at the Thomas Ave. Beach on Lake Calhoun last weekend, so perhaps the Park Board is thinking the same thing, keg. My guess is they wouldn't allow a truck close to where their established concessions (e.g., Bread and Pickle, Tin Fish, etc.) are located though.

    2. +1. The thing is, the menu looks and sounds good, but IMO everything I've had there has suffered from unskilled prep or just laziness of effort-- other than the ice cream and the iced tea.

      Clancey's is my default takeaway stop now, although one of these days I'm going to try a pizza from DiNoko's.

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        It's tough to get reasonably priced and reasonably prepared food in that area. Bread and Pickle is mediocre - at least Sea Salt serves up good food at a fair price (given the high cost of seafood in general), though the waits there can be atrocious. Around Harriet, there aren't many choices close by. Clancey's makes great sandwiches, but I don't always want to take out a loan for for lunch, nor spend half my lake-time waiting on line. Linden Hills co-op does offer good snack and prepared food options, and to be honest, I would go there before Clancey's.

        In the immediate Lake Nokomis area (I live a couple blocks away), there's Fat Lorenzo's (which personally I'm not a fan of). Di Noko's (which is good, but not stellar) and Las Teresitas are a 5 minute drive, at which point options really start opening up: add another 3 minutes (but opposite direction), and you have Pizza Biga and Turtle Bread Company. Around Minnehaha Falls Park, if Sea Salt is crowded, a 3 minute drive gets you into Highland, where there's tons of options.

        For the popular MPLS lakes with beaches, Calhoun, because of its proximity to Uptown, I feel offers the best options that fit a wide range of budgets and tastes. Harriet, because its surrounded by residential with the exception of toney Linden Hills, offers more limited options, and those tend to be higher priced. Ironic that Harriet and Calhoun are separated by 1/4 mile.

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          If you are already at the Linden Hills Co-op, France 44 across the road also does sandwiches.

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            Isn't Clancy's Meats in Linden Hills? I got an amazing sandwich to go there once.

      2. Broders' is also not too far away from Lake Harriet!

        1. I know what you mean. B&P is just not that impressive but then again, they do have 16 year olds working there. To be honest, I haven't been impressed with any of the Bartman places and have had disappointing meals at Red Stag and Barbette (I haven't returned to either since). I usually just get a drink and maybe some popcorn or ice cream, if anything at all. It's a shame because of the nightly summer concerts right there. I think most people bring food, as I do.

          I'm in favor of food trucks around the lake, especially by the beaches - should be good revenue.

          1. I was there for lunch a couple of Fridays ago. It was a beautiful day and we got our food fairly fast and hot. I ordered the cheese curds ($7) and a plain hamburger ($5.50). I thought the cheese curds were pretty good. For sure better than average. Same with the burger. I thought the price was fair for both. What I was absolutely appalled by was the price of my "large" soda. $3.50. I blame myself for being stupid enough to order it without looking at the price first. But I was enjoying a beautiful day for a lunch away from the office. $3.50 for a soda is obscene. And it wasn't even that big. I don't pay that for a 12 pack. It's so out of line that it made me mad. Mad enough that I don't even want to give them my business.

            My lunch companions ordered the mahi tacos and the hummus wrap. Both said they were mediocre.