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May 30, 2012 05:19 PM

Trip to Ogunquit

Here are my thoughts on some places in Ogunquit, having just returned.

Lobster Pound: Lobster was excellent, though somewhat expensive (18.95 per pound). Steamers excellent. Cole slaw excellent. However, the french fries and onion rings were among the worst I've ever had.

Oarweed: Very overrated. Good parking, and setting. Otherwise forgettable and very expensive. We had lobster roll sandwich which was totally tasteless. I felt like I was eating a boiled chicken breast it was that bland. Clam chowder was bland. Steamers bland. We will never go back.

Egg and I: Supposedly the best breakfast place in town. I thought is was boring and OK at best. Nothing special. Pancakes average. Eggs average. French toast average. Don't make a special trip for this place, but it is decent enough.

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  1. Oh I wouldn't have called The Egg and I the best breakfast in the area. It is adequate and competent for the price you're paying, IMO. If you want a fancier breakfast then there's better places for that.

    1. Wasn't there any place good to report on? Sad for you!
      Places I like:
      Breakfast: 98 Provence
      Lunch: MC Perkins Cove
      Dinner: Joshua's (in Wells).

      1. Tapas on the Square has really good food and service, formerly Tapas and Tini's. It is located in Ogunquit. I have never had a bad meal there!