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May 30, 2012 05:15 PM

best lunches in montreal

Im taking a week off work in June but am just staying in the city. This gives me a wonderful opportunity to try some of the lunch specials the top restaurants in the city offer. I was looking online and Toque, La Chronique and the new Maison Boulud all seem to offer weekday lunches in the $30 range.

Those prices are fine but if there's something else thats great and less (or a bit more) thats fine too. SO what are the other great lunch deals out there?

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  1. Milos for Greek-style fish & seafood -

    They seem to have removed the price but I think it was somewhere between $20-25.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Milos has maybe the best deal in town. $20.12+tax for pretty generous plates.

      1. re: Fintastic

        I went to Milos today for lunch and it was great. I had the tuna burger with zucchini fries. They were out of tuna tartare so I had the fish croquettes (ok) as appetizer -- almond pie as dessert was perfect. My companion had the fish of the day and it was cooked to perfection. Impeccable service. Really fantastic deal for fish done with finesse which is not always easy to find. Also a great deal on a restaurant that is normally pricey.

    2. If it were me, I would be trying Club Chasse et Peche - lunches start there June 4. They might not be great deals, price-wise, but food-wise...

      1. I'm hijacking this thread fo contintue this discussion. I have friday afternoons off in the summer. I like to take advantage of this time to enjoy a relaxed lunch at a place where I might not be able to justify the cost of supper. Also, I like to go to places that are further from my office - I work in the west end of downtown and I can have my fill of Kazu, Kan Bai et al anytime. I have six weeks left this summer. Here are the places I'm contemplating:

        Club Chasse & Peche
        400 coups
        Venti Osteria Italienne

        Are there any other "musts" for lunch in Montreal? Where would you go if you could choose six places? The price isn't really a big issue, just as long as it's cheaper than supper at the same place.

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        1. re: mainsqueeze

          Decca77 and La Coupole have good lunch deals at 25$.

        2. probably too late, but the thread was bumped up.

          Park on Victoria (Westmount) is quite good for lunch, bibimbap, "bento box", sushi, noodles ...
          They also have a small terrasse.

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          1. re: Maximilien

            I ended up going to Maison Boulud, Toque and Kazu. I lost credit card roulette at all 3 so maybe I should have just gone for dinner!

            ANyways, boulud was quite good. I liked the decor and the warm of the place, good service, food was excellent. Only problem was after 2 courses for $32 we were all still hungry so we opted for dessert as well which was delicious. The halibut as the main was great with crispy skin and really buttery fish. Only complaint was the portion size but other than that very happy.

            Toque was great and a bit more generous on the portionsso after a torchon foie gras app and sweetbread main I had no room for desert. Foie gras dish was great, sweetbreads decent.

            Kazu was kazu, no need to go over that one.

            Overall would go back to all of the, but maybe ill go to boulud for dinner next time or pre eat a power bar or something. still want to try milos lunch and chasse et peche

            1. re: ahnuld

              IMO, a well portionned and paced meal should leave you hungry for dessert; so kudos for Boulud.

              1. re: Maximilien

                id agree if it was a nice slow 2 hour dinner but this is a 1 hr lunch and with dessert it pushes $40 pre tax/tip/wine. Still if you are fine with that price then the food was excellent and well worth it.

          2. I'm bumping this thread to see if you guys have any new tips on fancy lunch deals.

            I know Club Chasse et Peche have lost their terrasse which is a shame since they probably did the best lunch in town. I've already taken note of all the places mentioned here.

            So what's new and interesting, or just not mentioned in this thread?

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            1. re: SnackHappy

              Not a new entry but an update. 400 coups does offer a lunch special on fridays only.

              22$ appetizer and main course
              28$ appetizer, main course and desert.

              A really good deal, since their offerings are very close to what the evening a-la-carte menu is.

              1. re: SourberryLily

                Had the 400 Coups Friday lunch a few months ago and it was one of the best I've ever had, anywhere.

                1. re: childofthestorm

                  Thank you both for the recommendation. We did 400 coups last summer and really enjoyed it. It's moving to the top of the list.