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May 30, 2012 05:10 PM

Masala Jack's in Cotati

I stopped in for lunch at Masala Jack's today and it was quite good. I had the Karahi Lamb (Lamb simmered Karahi style in abundance of onions and chopped bell pepper with Karahi Masala, $9.99) and the Onion Kulcha (Kulcha stuffed with onions, cilantro, and spices, $2.50). Both were excellent, and the Karahi Lamb seemed not at all dumbed-down to American tastes. The very pleasant waitress said they closed the Petaluma location so this one in Cotati is the only one. Check it out. The food was good enough to make me want to try more things.

Masala Jack's
7981 Old Redwood Hwy
Cotati, CA 94931

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  1. Thanks for posting about Masala Jack's. I tried the Cotati location shortly after it opened in 2008. Meant to go back and never posted about it. At that time it was excellent, great smoky multi-layered naan, concentrated mango lassi, and I can't recall the curry I ordered other than that I liked it very much. Funny, last week I ran across the discount coupon they gave me for being one of the first customers. Will have to get back there soon.

    1. I've eaten there many times and also really liked it. I was very afraid that it would be dumbed-down, but not at all. The lunch special is a good deal. I especially like the saag chicken. Also, the mixed vegetable pakoras are really great, although frequently they are out of them.

      1. They may be closed. I went there today (Tuesday) at 12:45 pm and the place was dark and locked, although the interior looked like they were ready for business. I later called their phone number and got a "disconnected" message. They also have several horrible recent yelp reviews, consistent with having financial problems.

        If they actually are closed, there are now no businesses operating in that small strip mall; I think all spaces were vacant today except for Masala Jack's.

        1. I stopped by there today and it's closed for sure. All the storefronts in that small strip mall are empty. Anyone know why?

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            This rental listing for the address says there's a new owner for the shopping center.