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Sandwiches / picnic food near Concordia

Headed to the Grand Prix next weekend, staying at Concordia. Looking for some good options (restaurant/market/little shop) for some food to pack for the track everyday. Don't want to mess with the shitty vendors at the track, so will pack in some sandwiches and other items (recommendations welcome).

Also plan to pack in some beers, any recommendations for a good beer store (local craft brews + imports.. Belgians, etc) near Concordia?


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  1. Might be able to find stuff at La Panthere Verte (falafel, salads) or the Frigo Vert on Mackay above DeMaisonneuve.... Or pick up a Lammajoun (sp?) sandwich at Arrouch on Guy. There is also a decent grocery store (Mourelatos) and few blocks west on St-Catherine where you can get some fresh fruit and stuff too...

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      Le Frigo Vert is closed on weekend.

    2. I agree for La Panthère Verte, good sandwiches and salads. If you have nothing against raw food, there's also Crudessence next door. You can have everything to go. Some of these salads are really good and filling.

      Not far from there you have Olivier Potier. It's a pastry shop but they also have sandwiches and salads. Most pastries are not convenient to carry for where you're going, but you could easily grab an éclair... or a few.

      1. I like the armenian style sandwiches at Arrouch, had one today and they give free small coffee for promotion at cote des neiges branch, my favourite is the Greek spinach one with added tomatoes but there are all kinds of toppings you can add, you pay per topping, mine was 4.20$ tax included. You might like Anton and James at 1414 Stanley, just a little up from Ste Catherine, have ready to go sandwiches, salads, also pizzas etc. Food is tasty and freshly made; they open at 7am weekdays and I think 8am weekends but better to verify this

        1. there is a wonderful little deli/convenience store beside the ben and jerry's on de Maisoneuve and Crescent on the south-east corner. they make simple but good deli sandwiches on fresh bread and have all kinds of sides.

          1. Just a heads up about the Beer part, glass bottles are not permitted on site, and most craft beers are in glass bottles. your best bet might be some of the more mainstream imports that are available in cans.

            1. Great and cheap Turkish food at two places:
              - Antep Kebab on de Maisonneuve near Guy (kebabs in pita)
              - Avesta on Ste-Catherine - a bit less of a takeout-type place, but a borek pastry or gozleme flatbread sandwich (I love the spicy spinach) could work

              Also, Chinese buns etc. at Harmonie or whatever it's called now in the Guy metro complex

              1. Thanks guys! Looks like some good recommendations. Keep them coming, I'll be writing them all down.

                Sad news about the bottled beer, but I guess I should have expected that! I wonder are there ANY good local beers available in cans? I know cans are 'catching on' in the craft beer scene a bit but not sure how advanced it is locally.. If not, looks like it'll be a pretty dry race for the most part (whiskey it is!)

                Anybody with Grand Prix experiance have any vendor suggestions if I don't pack enough?


                1. Easy to get sidetracked looking for good food and beer to bring... but don't forget to bring your own water, which is prohibitively expensive trackside.

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                    We drive up every year from NH and bring our own bottles of water- put it in the freezer at the apartment and then use it to keep everything else in the cooler chilled without wating valuable space with ice packs.

                  2. You can grab some bagels at Le Faubourg (across from Mourelatos) if you like.