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May 30, 2012 04:04 PM

Would no sodium chicken broth spoil faster that sodium versions?

I recently discovered Progresso's no sodium broth in 2 serving boxes. It tastes quite rich and I don't miss the salt, but have recently had to pour out half of 2 boxes.

I used to use Swanson's low sodium broth which came in a one serving can, so no left overs. After opening the box and placing in the frig, it seems like the no sodium broth starts to sour after less than a week. Would that be a function of it having no sodium? Being boxed?

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  1. You shouldnt keep ANY stock more than a week in the fridge. Home made, opened from a can, in a box, sodium, no sodium etc. Every where I have worked we threw out our housemade stock after 5 days if we had any leftovers (not very often)

    1. Stock can go off swiftly, salted or not. I always freeze leftover stock right away.

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        Can it be frozen directly in those juicebox style boxes?

        I don't keep the stock for more than a week, but last night it had definitely not been a week and was already breaking bad. The other time it might have been a week.

      2. Salt is a preservative so it would stand to reason that salted broth would last longer than the unsalted product.